"And His Work Shows It" with AJ Yorio

"Work hard. Look cool." How many of us feel the pressure to not only do well the job we are doing but to look a certain way while we are doing it? In our culture of lifestyle instagramers, we cannot merely focus on a job well done. We cannot merely focus on how that job looks. We have to focus on how we look while doing that job.

AJ Yorio heads up Lightning Horse Industries, a local Cincinnati shop that specializes in screen printing, designing, and film-making. And AJ feels this pressure what he calls the "Work hard. Look cool" pressure. But in his in-home shop, he's decided that pressure just isn't worth his time. Instead, he wants to focus on his craft, focus on the creation of good work.

His model? The hard-working farmers that surround him. "The old leathery hard dudes" who wake up early every morning of their lives and do sixteen hours of work on the land. And do it again the next day. At the end of the day, Yorio wants to be the "artist/graphic design equivalent of those guys." At the end of the day, Yorio wants to be known not for his style or "look" but for the work he puts in:

“I would love to have the reputation of like, 'oh that dude, he logs the hours, he takes the time, he works really hard, and his work shows it.'”

Join us in our challenge to #TakeTheTime, to slow down to create good things, here.