What’s Next For Cladwell: Introducing Outfits

In November of 2015, we launched Capsules by Cladwell. Our first month was slow; we had about 100 women sign up. We were a little nervous. But then something exciting happened: we helped those 100 women build minimal wardrobes. And they experienced real change in their lives. Then, they told their friends. The site was clunky, but the freedom was real. Fast forward 14 months later, tens of thousands of women have used Cladwell to simplify their wardrobes.

Yet, something was missing from the “Capsule Wardrobe” conversation.

It’s one thing to build a capsule wardrobe one time but an entirely different thing to figure out how to interact with clothing every day. 

We as a society have a deep-rooted addiction to buying new clothing. Every time we feel uninspired, intimidated, or even bored, our default behavior is to leave our closet and go searching for a new “hit”, which results in more clutter.  In fact, sometimes even building a capsule wardrobe is an excuse to indulge in buying more clothing.

But buying is not the answer.

What we realized is that having a smaller wardrobe doesn't limit your options. We think if everyone knew this secret we would all buy a lot less. The first place we should go when we feel uninspired, intimidated, and bored is not to the mall - but within ourselves: “How can I create something new and beautiful out of what I have?” 

Meet Outfits by Cladwell

To help us shift our focus toward what we have, we created Outfits. Outfits starts where you start each morning as you stand in front of your closet and pick out what to wear. Every day we give you new and inspiring outfit recommendations from the clothes already in your closet. From there, we track your outfits, and help you discover the right items to add to your closet, all without taking a single photo.

At $5/month, we maintain our commitment to guide you toward a life of simplicity and away from a life of clutter. We’re proud of Outfits: the daily practice of the capsule wardrobe.


The Daily Practice of “Capsuling”

Our goal is to transform the act of getting dressed in the morning from 15 minutes of frustration (“I have way too many clothes and nothing to wear”) into a delightful and centering experience of intentionality.

We want to save you time each morning and encourage you to spend that time doing something that is meaningful to you: connect with a family member, meditate, or maybe even sleep in. We want you to reclaim your morning ritual and use it as a springboard to an amazing day.

Cladwell + The World

The trend toward more and more, cheaper and cheaper (called Fast Fashion) has decimated the environment and individuals in the countries that manufacture our clothes, and the trend is escalating. 

And the truth is, we have consumed our way into this problem, so we can’t consume our way out. The path forward must be one where we fundamentally shift our behaviors and consumption habits. We see this new app as a critical step in that direction by tracking what you actually wear and seeing which items go best with the items currently in your closet before you got out and buy more.

So here is my request: Try it out. Let us know what you think. Tell us what we’re missing and how we can make it better. And together, we will create a clothing industry that is good for people.

Also, let's not forget about the guys - we've got an app that will help dress you too! Try it for free here. It sends you expertly styled outfits every morning using the clothes you already own.