I Didn't Stare Aimlessly Into My Closet This Morning

For three days, Outfits by Cladwell dressed me. Translation: for three days, I didn't waste even one minute staring (aimlessly? hopelessly? insert preferred adverb here) into my closet, willing an outfit to appear. Outfits is an iOS app that generates daily outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item.

Saved from this soul-killing indecision, I did other things. Good things. Like make myself a healthy breakfast, sleep more(!), and discover a new favorite novel. Here's what it looked like:


Outfits suggested my A-line dress, grandpa cardigan, and my favorite flats. With my outfit set for the day, I got to take some time to style the look. So, I added some patterned tights, skipped the contacts-hassle for the day, threw on my colored glasses to spice up the look, and voila! Dressed for the day.

#TakeTheTime: With my extra time, I made myself a smoothie in my effort towards healthier eating. The latte and scone I had later might have cancelled it out. But it was a start. And a start made possible because I had 15 extra minutes that morning. (The app can't fix all my bad habits I guess...).


I got this crew neck sweatshirt for Christmas and had never even thought of layering it. On Tuesday, Outfits combined some of my favorite pieces into a new favorite look: boyfriend jeans, crew neck sweatshirt, button-up, and chelsea boots. I didn't even add anything I was so pleased.

#TakeTheTime: I got up at 5:35AM today to make it to a friend's house by 6:00AM. Yes, that means I used my extra time to get 15 more minutes of precious sleep. Without having to give a second thought to what I was wearing, I threw myself out of bed, put on some makeup, grabbed some granola, and made it somewhere at a ridiculously early hour *on time*. It was like magic. Well actually it was like someone telling me what to wear while I was so sleepy my eyes weren't even open. I could get used to this. 


Sun's out and Outfits suggested a great girly casual combo with my strappy flats, jeans, lace top, and grandpa cardigan.

#TakeTheTime: My extra time in the morning meant I got 15 more minutes of reading time today. When you're powering through a best-seller like Ann Patchett's Commonwealth, those extra 15 minutes are like GOLD. Literally, get the app, so you can read the book. You won't regret either choice.

If 15 extra minutes of reading (or let's be honest, sleep!) sounds good to you, give Outfits a try. And we are dying to see & hear how it goes! Tag Cladwell on Instagram and use the hashtags: #TakeTheTime, #ootd, #wiwt. We want to know how you take the time!