5 Ways To Wear A Jean Jacket

I say, "jean jacket." You say, essential? Interchangeable? Boring? Hold up. Stop right there. If you're bored with this essential item, it may be because you're in a small styling rut. We were. So we paused. Skipped the trip to the mall. Rolled up our sleeves and started styling instead. And now, we've fallen back in love with this crazy-interchangeable closet favorite.

Eddie Bauer Jean Jacket (pictured)

DSTLD Denim Jacket (responsibly made)

Whether A) you've owned a jean jacket for years and need some fresh styling inspiration or B) you're contemplating a purchase and need to see its interchangeability, here are 5 ways to wear your jean jacket. It's a good place to start. Then, wear it your way & don't forget to tag us on Instagram and tell us how you styled yours!

1. With A Button Up & Jeans

2. With a T-Shirt

3. With a Hoodie

4. With Joggers

5. With a T-Shirt Dress