Good News For Non-Morning People Everywhere

This post was written by Jennifer Shaffer, Cladwell's digital marketer extraordinaire.

Last week, I swapped standing-in-front-of-my-closet-and-being-frustrated-about-figuring-out-what-to-wear for taking some time for a real breakfast, reading a few chapters of a new book, and tidying up the apartment before leaving. I actually enjoyed my mornings and left in a peaceful mood. I'm sorry, did you hear that? A peaceful mood. And I am not a fan of mornings.

How did I come into this new friendship with mornings? For three days, Outfits by Cladwell dressed me. Outfits is an iOS app that generates daily outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item. Here's what 3 days of my week, dressed by Outfits, looked like:


On the first day of this challenge, I decided to go for the suggested outfit that included my black and white striped shirt, straight leg jeans, and suede booties. Can you ever really go wrong with stripes? My closet’s answer is, “never”. It was perfect because—although I wear stripes most days—I hadn't worn this particular shirt in awhile. So, on Tuesday morning, I didn't try on a ton of outfits (like I normally do), and Outfits revived one of my favorite shirts!

#TakeTheTime: With all of that time that I usually spend trying on different shirts, I made a REAL breakfast. I’m talking eggs and toast and sitting at the table to chew it and swallow it. Not a cereal bar for the road or buying breakfast at a coffee shop. My whole morning felt more energized (and restful) because of it. 


For day two, I went for the following outfit: black booties (with a shorter heel this time), denim mini skirt, and black pullover sweater. I added my own *twist* and fLAiR to the outfit by wearing my burgundy tights. This outfit is simple; but again, something I had never considered wearing before. 

#TakeTheTime: On Wednesday, I used my extra morning time to read a few chapters of a new book. To which I thought, “Reading for fun with spare time?? This whole letting-an-app-dress-me thing is working out just fine.”


For the last day of this challenge, I decided on the outfit that included high waisted jeans, a ribbed sweater, and flats. Since there wasn’t an exact match to my gold flats (pictured), I added these tan flats to the closet page in my app - close enough! This outfit was perfect for the breezy-but-warm day (in February!). 

#TakeTheTime: I took the extra time on Thursday to clean up a bit before leaving the house. Leaving the house without clothes strewn across my bed or a pile of breakfast dishes in the sink felt so gosh-dang good. 

By Friday morning, I was reaching for my phone to check out what Outfits would recommend, because why go back to hectic mornings if you don't have to?? If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, check out Outfits and let it dress you this week. We're dying to see & hear how it goes! Tag Cladwell on Instagram and use the hashtags: #TakeTheTime, #ootd, #wiwt. We want to know how you take the time!