"Where's My Breath?" With Stacy Sims

Have too many clothes and nothing to wear? That's the question we're all about tackling over here at Cladwell: this tension of both having too much and not having what we need at the same time. But our passion for this comes alongside a passion for another question: have so many good things in your life and no time to enjoy them?

This question resonates deeply with us. So often, our real problem isn't that we don't have the time; it's that we don't make the time. So, we started the #TakeTheTime Campaign. For you. And mostly for ourselves. To remind ourselves to make time in our lives for the things we really love. 

While on this #TakeTheTime journey, we sat down (on the floor) with Stacy Sims of City Silence. She gave us practical advice and simple meditation instruction. Stacy explained that she begins each morning with meditation to "set the intention of presence" for her day so that she can be fully present in each moment of her life. She sums it all up quite nicely as she describes this ideal moment as,

“The state of observing really what the deal is.”

Join us in our challenge to #TakeTheTime, to be intentional about the moments in our lives, here.