How To Navigate Summer Dress Shopping

Dresses are here. There. Everywhere. Quicker than you can ask "am I a dress person?", dresses of all cuts, patterns, and prints are walking past you on the streets or staring back at you from your inbox. 

Our Chief Marketing Officer Erin came back from a week in Florida with an enviable tan and a new dress. She announced:

"I'm becoming a dress person, and I found the perfect dress. So, I bought it in two different colors."

This is gold, people. Pure gold (as is Erin's tan...nah, we're not jealous at all). But seriously, as you wade through the sea of dresses, don't get overwhelmed and definitely don't feel sucked into this trend if you don't want to be. But, if you want to become a "dress person" this season, we have four simple tips for you.


4 Tips For Summer Dress Shopping:

1. Find Your Dress Cut.

This may be the single most important tip to finding the perfect dress. Erin recently discovered that she loves button up shirt dresses. So what did she do? She found versions of this dress in multiple shades and fabrics. She also loves t-shirt shift dresses. These are quite literally the only two types of dresses she owns. Is that a problem? No way. Because they're her favorites, she'll wear them again and again and again.

2. Be picky.

Seriously, this may sound silly but there are so many dresses out there. Don't settle. Find the dress that fits your needs, lifestyle, body type, and preferences. If you don't like the length, try another store; there are more fish in the sea!

3. Don't be afraid to invest.

If you've found the perfect dress (and it's a little out of your normal budget), just remember that buying one dress that you love rather than three mediocre dresses all summer might just even out in the end. And buying something of real quality means that next summer - rather than bringing your old dresses to Goodwill and starting again - you'll get to pull out your favorite dress from the previous year and skip the annual shopping trip. (This also means that if you found the perfect dress, and you'll wear it in two colors, invest in both. Cause the perfect dress doesn't come around everyday).

4. Wear. Re-wear. Re-style.

Now, just do it. Wear that dress. Wear it again. Oh, and again. Try it casually with tennis shoes or dressed up with a statement necklace. But most of all, wear that dress. You love it. You feel great it in. Wear it. Throw it on and enjoy your summer!