Stop Shopping—Start Layering Instead

I don’t know about you, but when the weather starts to shift, I get antsy for shopping. Everywhere I look there are new releases of cute spring dresses and short sleeve tees I *need* to have! New items for spring here, and over here, and over here! Just released must-have sandals! Gimme! Gimme! ... wait. It’s time for a small self-pep-talk-intervention.

Self to self: “I already have items I love from last year’s spring and summer just waiting to be released from their containers under my bed. WAIT... I have plenty of well-loved, tried-and-true tops that I wear throughout the winter that can be styled for spring. Also, spring is so awkward: I can’t just wear a dress or a tank or a tee… I need to layer! Helloooo, it’s freezing in the morning!”... you get the idea.

So, pep talks are great. But you know what's even better? New habits. So, here's how I'm layering this spring. And hopefully this gives you some layering and re-purposing inspiration so you can do the same.

Look 1


Explained: Grey grandpa cardigan and a navy & white striped tee shirt. This cardigan is one I reach for on those extra chilly mornings. In the winter, I'd wear it under my coat. But in the spring, it's a perfect outerwear option. If it stays cool all day I can pair it with a long sleeve tee, but on warm days a short sleeve tee will do!

Extra tip: Tuck the short-sleeved tee into the high waisted jeans and roll the sleeves a few times for those extra-warm afternoons.

Look 2

Explained: Green military jacket paired with a grey tie-front tee. In the winter, I’d wear this tee with my fave grey cardigan (above), because I’m a big supporter of grey on grey. Switching to this military jacket is the perfect transition to springtime mornings (aka warmer-but-still-pretty-chilly mornings).

Extra Tip: Roll up the sleeves of the green jacket a little more and pop the collar for a bit of a warmer morning. Throw on a light scarf for a cooler morning!

Look 3

Explained: Light-washed jean jacket and a red long-sleeved embroidered blouse. Jean jackets scream spring! I don’t even wear mine in the winter. It’s the perfect top layer for this lightweight long-sleeve top. I’ll shed the jacket before walking to lunch on those warmer days, but it’s crucial for keeping me warm in the chilly office!


Extra tip: Roll the jean jacket sleeves to reveal the red long sleeves underneath or do the beloved half-tuck to the front of the red shirt for warmer times.

Look 4

Explained: Long-sleeved button up, grey crew neck sweatshirt, and dark-washed jean jacket. This option is for those real cold mornings. The two-layer look is something I’d wear on any day in winter, paired with a winter coat, a blanket scarf, and probably a million socks. What gives this trio of tops a springtime feel is the lighter top layer of a jean jacket. The primary layer alone can be comfortably worn in 80 degree weather - just roll those sleeves and tuck that front!

If anyone out there is also from the midwest, you’ll know why outfits like this are necessary in the spring… or anytime. The key here is three light layers that can be shed throughout the day equaling one warm morning look


Extra tip: get creative with your light spring layering! Hooded jackets or sweatshirts that you typically only wear at home in your cozies look great when layered with a jean jacket (and can be shed at the same time!). 

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