Thank you, Mom. (12 Instagram Moms We Love)

It's a 7 day work week and a 24 hour work day. No experience is required but expectations are high. Results and appreciation can be expected 20+ years into the job. And did we mention there's no pay?

To all the mothers out there, we're endlessly grateful you took on one of the hardest jobs in the world. And you made it beautiful.

You create culture.

You shape character.

You teach how to love and what to love. 

You are tired and yet somehow joyful.

And we're very, very grateful.

To the mothers - creators and shapers of homes, relationships, laughter, and sweet memories - thank you.

Really, thank you.

Here are just a handful of the mothers who inspire us (and who can inspire you daily on Instagram). Enjoy. And Happy Mother's Day!

1. @kyri.shaffer

Thanks for loving me little friends. I'm glad you're mine forever.

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"Let them be little." 4.14.17

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Busy day at the office.

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In the past week or so, I've started asking myself this simple question, "Do I have an ABUNDANCE of energy for this?" My default is to work from a place of "just barely making it" when the reality is, that's no way to live a life. It is OKAY and in fact, most desirable, to not end each day on Empty. It is okay to reach the end of a day and feel peace, to feel like I still have something leftover. It is not just okay, it is GOOD. This thing called Thriving? It must be protected. And if it needs protecting, it's worth fighting for. It's worth downsizing the grocery list mid-shopping trip because, things don't always go to plan and sometimes the tank is running low and, it's okay to not be able to pick up all the slack. And it's been in those moments where I can pause, get perspective for a second and think, "Can this wait? Can I have someone else do it? Or do I want to do it because it MUST be done (those things are really so very few)? Or do I want to do it because I have an abundance of energy for it?" It has been so freeing. So magical to just pare down the day to the essentials and the most pleasurable. To not think that every time we are out running errands I must squeeze in "as much as possible" and then be kicking myself later that I wasn't the Super Woman I maybe thought would just-so-happen happen to surface from nowhere after 5,639 tries before?? Anyway, it's a good question. I dare you to ask yourself it today when you look at the days "plan" or are thinking about improvising/making a spontaneous addition to your workload. --- #cincinnati #thisisotr #parenthood #gentleparenting #trust #selfawareness #peace #simplify #simpleliving #smallhome #peacefulparenting #gentlemothering #bekindtoyourself

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