JUST IN: What's New In The Cladwell App?

You’ve tried our app, been with us through the very beginning of its life, hoped and dreamed for newer features, and shared those ideas with us. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us what you’d like to see in the app. You’re helping us make the app the best it can be! Our developers have been working hard to create Cladwell version 1.2 and the time has come to share it with you, the world. We hope you like it as much as we do.  

Below, you’ll find descriptions of new features that you’ll notice in version 1.2 of the Cladwell app. Below below, you’ll see what’s coming up soon (aka, what the Cladwell team is working on right this very second)!



Log your outfit from the closet

Tap on an item in your closet, then choose “show outfits”. From there, log any outfit you’d like. Example scenario: “I know I want to wear my high waisted jeans, but what should I wear with them?”... tap on those high waisted jeans, scroll through all possible outfits, log the one you choose. This new feature will help your logging be much more accurate, not to mention give you access to logging every single possible outfit in your closet!

Refresh an outfit from the home page

Don’t like an outfit on the home page? Simply tap the “...” in the bottom corner of the outfit square and choose “refresh this outfit”. The outfit will be replaced with a new one. Magic!

Log an outfit from your history

Outfit repeating is a-okay with us. Now you can choose to log an outfit from your history. Tap on the calendar from the home page, scroll to that outfit you loved last Tuesday and log it for today. Easy peasy!

New clothing items added

We had some issues adding new items to the database, but our amazingly talented developers fixed them all and the new items are rolling in! Check out hundreds of new items - from tweed suit jackets to black cork sandals to wide leg pants. You asked, we listened. (Note: if you have any item requests, let us know here: cladwell.com/feedback).

Free trial! 

Each subscription now starts with a three-day trial! Not only can you tell your friends about Cladwell, but they too can experience the Cladwell app at no cost for three days! In addition, there are a few new pricing options - including an annual subscription for $39.99. We'll save you from doing the math; that's saving you 60%!

*For the more technical folk, check out our Release Notes for Version 1.2. 



Create separate closets

Within your closet, create smaller closets ("capsules"), then choose outfits from those closets. For example: categorize all your business casual items for a Work Capsule, then choose to get outfits only from that closet Monday through Friday. Have a different closet called Weekend Capsule for your more casual, not-appropriate-for-work outfits. 

Customize an outfit to log

Replace items within a recommended outfit with any of the items in your closet. Example: love the recommended outfit but the shirt is dirty? Tap the shirt, choose another shirt from your closet, then log the outfit. Ta-da!


As always - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.