What My Closet Looked Like Before Using Cladwell

To be honest, I was skeptical. Could changing my closet make me feel any different?

I had no idea where to start so using Cladwell's app was a simple way for me to maximize my closet and make the most of the clothes I already owned. They sent me personally styled outfits to my phone every morning. It wasn’t until I used the app for a week until I finally realized the reason why I felt like I had “nothing to wear.”

It wasn’t because I didn’t have enough of the right clothes. It was because I was unable to see the ones I loved.

Before Cladwell

After Cladwell

How Cladwell Works

1. No taking photos! Just tell the app about your closet.

Tap on the items that are similar to the ones you own from our massive database. No need to take photos.

2. See every outfit possibility.

Automatically get three expertly styled outfits appropriate for the weather. Or, choose from all the outfit possibilities in your closet.

3. Discover what you love.

Log the outfit you wear and with each passing day, you get more insight into what you love and what you don’t.

4. Remove the rest.

Once you discover what you don’t wear, you can easily cut the clutter in your closet so you can make room for items you really love.

5. Shop smarter.

Add only the items that give you the most possible outfits. Trade impulse buys for items you love and will wear again and again.

We are all encouraged on a regular basis to buy this, buy that, buy this for that cheap price. Whether we consciously know it or not, this increasingly fast sales cycle has an impact us. It creates an element of discontent around what we have in our lives today. The idea of regaining control of when, why, and how I shopped was exciting. Knowing that whatever I picked out of my closet I would love to wear was freeing.

Cladwell Team