1 T-Shirt Dress 6 Ways

Whether you're a dedicated capsule wardrobe-er, or you're really just looking for new ways to wear your go-to dress, here at Cladwell, we love being your guide to maximizing your closet. We took our favorite t-shirt dress and styled it six ways for all sorts of occasions, seasons, and comfort levels.

Rather than viewing a t-shirt dress as so casual that it restricts you, change your viewpoint: its simplicity actually allows you to broaden its use. Get creative! Yeah, it's t-shirt material, but this staple piece in your closet can be dressed up or down. 

1. Leave the dress as it is. 

Try pairing your dress with casual sandals and a few of your favorite accessories. Done and done. 

2. Belted and tucked up.

It's like two completely different dresses in one! (See how we transformed the dress, here). Try it with elevated shoes, a pretty necklace, and cuff for a great date-night look or outfit for drinks with friends!

3. Throw a jean jacket over your dress.

Wear your dress long or short with this look! Add sandals with a little lift, a long necklace, and a top knot. (Not feelin' a bun? Try a pretty braid in your hair, or a bandana, OR a bandana wrapped in your braid! Hello, options!).

4. Add a zip-up hoodie underneath your jean jacket.

And swap out your sandals for sneakers. Super comfy and easy, but still looks like you put some thought into it. Consider it your new get-up for busy days running errands (this look would be cute with a high-pony, too!). 

5. Add a trench over top.

For warmer days, we chose a sleeveless version, but this dress will carry you into all seasons with your favorite long-sleeved jacket, bomber, or [long-sleeved] trench! A good pair of heels allows you to rock this look at the office, too. 

6. Swap out your shoes for a whole new vibe.

For a "cool girl" look: try swapping out your heels for a good pair of sneaks for comfort and stylistic edge. 

Other ways to get the most out of your t-shirt dress: try it with booties, riding boots, combat boots, Chucks, Vans (shoes galore), a chambray shirt over top, a comfy pullover sweater, your favorite leather jacket, fun tights for the cooler days, or try a turtleneck or t-shirt layered underneath. The possibilities are endless, people. 

Whether it's getting out of your comfort zone or sticking to what you know, wear what you love and what you feel good in, always.