7 Capsule Wardrobe Myths We've All Heard

For Cladwell, a capsule wardrobe means "loving and wearing 100% of the items in your closet each season.” We just don’t think capsule wardrobes are as big and scary as a lot of people make them out to be. They don’t mean you have to buy a new wardrobe every season or that you have to go on a decade-long shopping fast. They are about loving your closet, shopping intentionally, and actually wearing your clothing. So, we want to dispel a few capsule wardrobe myths, so you can get to know this thing called a capsule wardrobe. So that maybe it can change your life and your morning routines as much as it’s changed ours.

7 Capsule Wardrobe Myths:

1. A Capsule Wardrobe must contain ONLY 30 items.

Myth buster: Em. No. We define capsule wardrobes as loving and wearing 100% of the items in your closet.  There’s no number in this definition - only the idea that we should actually be wearing the things that we own. It’s hard to wear 400 items of clothing. In reality, we only wear about 20% of our closets, so moving towards that 20% will make getting dressed and shopping easier, more intentional, and just plain old more encouraging.

2. A Capsule Wardrobe means you must have a neutral, minimal style.

Myth buster: Absolutely. Not. One of the biggest myths of capsule wardrobes is that they dictate a certain kind of style and that this certain style is plain old boring. Here at Cladwell, we just don’t believe that. We believe, first and foremost, that clothing should reflect you and your personal style. If you love minimal neutral items, then go for it. If your style is bold and patterned, go for it. The process of intentional shopping—asking yourself if you love and will wear an item—applies to every kind of style but does not dictate one.

3.  A Capsule Wardrobe means you have to buy 30 new items each season.

Myth buster: A capsule wardrobe is NOT an excuse for seasonal shopping binges. Beware of people who want to sell you a “capsule wardrobe.” Having a seasonal wardrobe doesn’t mean buying 30 new items every season. For us, the heart of capsule wardrobes is intentional shopping habits. That means adding purposeful purchases to your closet when you need them. There isn't one window before the season begins when you need to "complete your capsule."

4. A Capsule Wardrobe means you have to go on a shopping fast.

Myth buster: Proof that capsule wardrobes are described 382,984 different ways - they are defined as both binge shopping and shopping deprivation. We suggest that capsuling doesn't mean either one. In fact, if you avoid the shopping fasts, then maybe you'll avoid some of the binge shopping. It's not about shopping or not shopping; it's about changing our mindsets and habits as we shop.

5. A Capsule Wardrobe makes you throw away clothing you love and wear.

Myth buster: The idea behind a closet clean-out is making space for the clothing that you love. If you love and wear an item, then you shouldn’t throw it away! No way! It’s a habit of making space for what you do love and helping you know how to add to that intentionally, so you’ll actually wear the clothing you purchase.

6. A Capsule Wardrobe means you have to “hide away” clothing you wear on a regular basis.

Myth buster: What's true for the clean-out is true for storage: you’re not hiding away clothing you love and wear. You’re clearing up space seasonally to make room for the clothes you actually wear. Because we just can’t wear all the clothing, all the time.

NB: I’ve lived in Southern California, Michigan, and Ohio - and let me tell you that “seasonal” means radically different things. In Michigan, I packed away all my tanks and shorts and skirts for the entire *9 month* winter. But when I'm home in California, I wear shorts on Christmas! And well, Cincinnati... what can I say? Sunny and 70 one day, and snow the next? Talk about a storage headache. So, make your storage practices work for you. Get in the habit of packing away things you definitely won’t wear, but don't sweat the small stuff if you live in a less seasonally defined state.

7. Capsule Wardrobes come with a certain set of rules for you, your closet, and your lifestyle. Get with it or get out.

Myth buster: Capsuling is not an exclusive club. It’s something to help you love your wardrobe, wear your clothing, and feel free from the pressures of trends, shopping, and brands. It's made to work for you and be something you love—so, no pressure. We're all welcomed in this club! 

So many people shy away from capsule wardrobes because of myths like the ones above. Well, now you know why you don't have to! If you love the thought of spending less time shopping and getting dressed in the morning and having more time to do the things you love that you normally don't have the time for, then a capsule wardrobe is for you. It's actually that simple.