7 Fun Ways To Wear Your Bandana

1. Of course... The "Classic":

Tied casually around your neck. Simple, but always adds a fun flare to your outfit.

2. The "Choker":

A new take on the "classic" - fold your scarf over until it's nice & neat, wrap it around and hide the knot with a good tuck at the back of your neck. Now, say hello to your new [bandana] necklace. 

3. The "Bracelet":

We tied ours loosely, but wrap it around as many times as you wish! Pair it with your favorite watch and/or bracelet(s). 

4. The "Old School":

While we rarely see them worn like this anymore, if you're feeling adventurous, there are in fact ways to wear your bandana like this without looking like a biker chick. Choose a scarf with a delicate pattern and wear it with a breezy button-up or your favorite sundress. And hey, if you are going for the just-got-off-my-Harley look, go ahead and pair your bandana with your trusty leather jacket and some worn-in jeans. (Personal style is always encouraged). 

5. The "Headband":

Also another classic take on the bandana. Position the knot wherever you like; to the side, at the nape of your neck, or at the top of your head for a cutesy, "I Love Lucy" look. 

6. The "Ponytail Holder":

When you're sick of elastic bands but also don't want to resort to a scrunchy like it's 1985, here's a pretty way to tie up your locks. 

7. Last but not least... Throw it on your bag!

A lot of us carry the same purse day in and day out ('cause who wants to transfer over all of its contents into new bags every other day? Um, nobody). So, this is a cute way to give your go-to bag a little "pop!"

Here at Cladwell, we love finding ways to get the most out of our clothing and make outfits feel like new. Accessories are a great way for just that - to keep our clothing fun and the process of getting dressed every day that much more enjoyable.