Use A Belt For A Whole New Look!

Interchangeability is our dear friend when it comes to getting more outfits with fewer articles of clothing. When you know what you love and know what works for your lifestyle, you will learn what pieces work together and intermingle, helping you maximize your current closet and shop smarter in the future - you're aware of what you have and what you need, making your trips to the mall the most efficient. This is what we call a closet done on purpose

Here's we used just a teeny tiny tool to make a big change in our go-to dress! Accessories play a key role in an interchangeable wardrobe. 

1. Start with a dress that lays flat with a little wiggle room!  

- We got ours here, from Madewell!  

2. Grab a [skinny] belt

- the smaller the more discrete! Bonus if it has a little stretch to it. 

3. Place the belt where it feels most comfortable.

- this look will work best if the belt is fastened at your natural waist. 

4. After fastening it, begin to pull up on the dress

- lay the hanging fabric over the belt to hide it.

And there you have it! A brand new length & style to your t-shirt dress. 

Whoever said "simple" was boring, never explored versatility! 

If you need outfit inspiration when styling your t-shirt dress, check out our post here, for 6 different outfits we love for all sorts of occasions/seasons! 

Share with us what accessory tricks you have up your sleeve! We love hearing from you and seeing your looks! Tag us on social @cladwellapp.