Why Cladwell Can Help You Style Your Clothing After Your Stitch Fix or Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box Arrives

I was sitting at the dentist and he asked me what I do. (I’ve always wondered why dentists ask you questions while they have their hands in your mouths). But somehow through this, I said, "It’s kinda odd, but I work for a clothing company that doesn’t sell clothes. We help you figure out how to wear the clothes you already own."

Suddenly, he put down the tools that he was about to shove down my throat. “Well, that’s just brilliant.” (He paused, perhaps reconsidering his career choices). “I can’t think of a person who doesn’t need help with that. Cause there are so many people who sell clothes. Maybe too many. But nobody helps you wear them.”

There are plenty of people helping you put clothes in your closet. But no one is helping you wear them.

“Nobody helps you wear them…” Nobody helps you during that painful moment in front of your closet every morning. That’s where you’re all alone by yourself, trying to figure out how to mix and match the countless items in front of you. That moment when you opt for the jeans and t-shirt (again), because you don’t have a lot of confidence in the other options.

We’re not throwing shade on Stitch Fix or the new Amazon Prime Wardrobe box. In fact, we see the value in someone literally sending you clothing because maybe shopping makes you sick OR there’s just no time for shopping in your season of life right now.

You have the ingredients [to make outfits]. Let us give you the recipes.

We love the convenience of a Hello Fresh, sending you the ingredients and the instructions for how to make meals every week. But here’s the deal: you may be getting the ingredients to outfits with a clothing service, but how about the recipes? How about the way to mix and match these items? Ever. Single. Day. Cladwell helps you wear the items of clothing you already own - no more shopping required.

The reason shopping is endless is because we are continually bringing home new clothing from stores (or receiving it in boxes) and we don’t know how to wear what we buy. That’s where Cladwell comes in. Tomorrow morning, instead of standing alone in front of your closet, try opening your phone and looking at three expertly styled outfit suggestions based on what’s in your closet and what the weather's like outside. Yes, our brilliant stylists want to help you right there - in front of your closet - every morning. You don’t have to do this alone. You don’t even have to do it yourself.

Let Cladwell Help You Style Your Clothing After the Box Arrives.

As I walked out of the dentist thinking about that line over and over again… “But nobody helps you wear them,” I got a text from a friend. This is true story, folks. It said,

“I just want you to know that at this moment I’m wearing an outfit that was put together for me by the Cladwell app and I love it! I love that app! I hate choosing my clothes!”

"Nobody helps you wear them"… until now that is. Cue relief. Here comes the sun…