How To Wear A Denim Skirt 10 Ways

The denim craze is at an all time high (or maybe it always has been, given that jean-anything is in fact classic & timeless). And with denim in such high-demand, the options of cuts and styles are endless. 

Most of us know what style/fit jeans look good on us, but what about denim skirts? What would best flatter your body type? What style suits your style? What type of skirt would work well with the rest of your wardrobe? These are all great questions to ask! And if you're asking these kinds of questions, well, you're making us Cladwellians uber proud. That means you're getting closer and closer to shopping intentionally—making sure you need what you're about to buy and knowing that you'll absolutely love wearing it constantly. That's what we've been preachin' all this time! So, pat yourself on the back for becoming a smarter shopper.

Your next question may be, "how do I wear a denim skirt?" That's where we come in! Above, I styled my denim pencil skirt ten ways. (This skirt works well with my lifestyle because the pencil-esque fit works for day, night, and work with its sneaky sophistication). I styled my skirt for work (business casual), date night, girls-night-out, an ultra comfy look with a flannel and sneakers, and transitional looks for warmer and cooler seasons. The key here is to change up your hair, add a bandana, or a favorite hat—accessories keep things fresh and versatile. 

If you're on the hunt for a new denim skirt, I've rounded up a list of all sorts of fits and styles:

  1. Long

  2. Loose

  3. Embroidered

  4. Mini 

  5. Midi  

  6. Flirty

  7. Polished

  8. Edgy

Whatever you choose, find the one that works with who you are and what you wear and it will only make your closet all the more loved and well-worn. Remember to show us how the Cladwell Outfits app styles your looks by tagging us @cladwellapp! Don't have the app? Try it for free (yes, free) right here