Join Us For This Summer's 10x10 Challenge!

Ten items, ten outfits, ten days. Does the math even work?? Yes, it really does - it is possible to limit your wardrobe to ten items for ten days AND create ten distinct outfits. It takes some creativity, some serious accessorizing, some pen-and-paper planning, and definitely some good tunes during that planning session. And we’re trying another 10x10… starting on Monday! This time we have an app for that. Phew!

The 10x10 challenge was created by Lee Vosburgh, the Style Bee. Lee is all about shopping responsibly, getting the most out of your wardrobe, and owning clothing items that you love and feel comfortable wearing. Lee has been pairing up with Caroline Rector of Unfancy for the past few 10x10 challenges, and we are always crushing on their outfits and stealing a few styling techniques. So it’s no surprise we wanted to hop in on this season’s 10x10 challenge. We are so grateful that Lee and Caroline are willing to let us join in on the challenge/adventure this time around! So what do you say, want to join in on the fun?

When does the challenge start?

Tomorrow, Friday July 7 is when Lee and Caroline will be sharing their 10 items for the challenge. We'll all start wearing the outfits on Monday, July 10. But you can start your challenge (and share) anytime!

Who's participating? 

Jenn from our Cladwell team is joining Lee and Caroline for the Summer 10x10 challenge. And we hope you’ll join!

How to follow along?

There will be a new Cladwell blog post each day where Jenn will share outfit-of-the-day details and styling notes. She also will be checking in each day on the Cladwell Instagram story (@cladwellapp) -- be sure to check out @leevosburgh and @caroline_joy who will be sharing throughout the challenge as well!

Hopefully you’ll join us too! Just share your experience on Instagram by hashtagging #summer10x10 #stylebee10x10 #cladwell10x10 and #unfancyremix.

Pause. What are the rules?

Create 10 outfits using only 10 items from your closet and wear them in 10 days. Tops, bottoms, and shoes are included, while bags and accessories are not.

You can read the full 10x10 challenge post by Lee here to see guidelines, tips, a beginner’s formula, and examples from past challenges. She even has a worksheet that is SO helpful for 10x10 planning -- it’ll save you from thinking out loud about each outfit.

Also, rules shmules! The most important thing to remember about a 10x10 is that its goal is to get those creativity juices flowing with the clothes you already own. If you’ve never done a 10x10 and it’s a little too scary, try making it last fewer days or add a few more items. It’s up to you! Just make sure there’s some limit, or else it wouldn’t be a challenge and it’d just be your closet ;)

Using the Cladwell app during the 10x10 challenge

While you can totally do this challenge sans-technology, using the Cladwell app will show every single outfit possibility with the ten items you choose. Simply create a 10-item closet, then choose “show outfits” for each item -- you’ll see every single possible outfit possible with only those ten items. Let Cladwell’s stylists help you out a little bit; trust us, we know the struggle of this challenge’s limitations!

Jenn's 10x10 (Jennx10, if you will)

Below you’ll see Jenn’s ten items for the Summer 10x10. Check back throughout the challenge to see how she styles her outfits each day!

  1. Grey tee (Madewell)

  2. White button-up (Madewell)

  3. Patterned shorts (Madewell, old. Similar here and here.)

  4. Black tee (Madewell, old. Similar here.)

  5. Blue and white striped midi dress (Old Navy, old. Similar here, here, and here.)

  6. High waisted jeans (Levi's)

  7. White wide-leg cropped jeans (AG Jeans)

  8. Jean jacket (Levi's, old. Similar here.)

  9. Sandals (Target)

  10. Block heels (Madewell)

Cladwell Team