Just Add Heels! | Summer 10x10

Happy Monday, everyone! Why am I so happy when A) it's Monday and B) I can only wear 10 items of clothing for the next 10 workdays? Because I've seen how limits can produce creativity and how a smaller closet doesn't mean a boring one. Instead, it can mean shopping less and loving your outfits more! So, yes, it's a happy Monday as I begin the first day of my Summer 10x10, aka my very first 10x10 day ever.

In case you missed our post last week, I (Jenn) am joining Caroline of Unfancy and Lee of Style Bee for a 10-day challenge where I will create 10 different outfits from the same 10 clothing items. Each weekday I’ll be sharing my outfit on the Cladwell blog and you can follow along on Cladwell’s Instagram Story. Be sure to check out the Unfancy and Style Bee blogs as well as their Instagram stories (@caroline_joy and @leevosburgh), where they’ll be sharing their outfits!

I’m so excited to join Lee and Caroline in this challenge! And when I say “excited”, I mean 90% excited, 10% nervous. But as Lee explains, the 10x10 is “all about having fun” -- it’s a great way to test out a capsule closet, style my clothes in new ways, and practice being a light packer for trips and vacations (I need the practice… #heavypacker).

Best part about this challenge? Anyone can join! Just be sure to add some hashtags when sharing your post so we can all be inspired! (#summer10x10 #cladwell10x10 #stylebee10x10 #unfancyremix)

Outfit 1:

Outfit 1 in the app! To use the Cladwell app during the 10x10 challenge, just move non-10x10 items to storage. Then tap "show outfits" on each individual item to see every single outfit possibility during the 10x10! My 10-piece closet has 65 OPTIONS. Dang. 
High waisted jeans ( Levi 's)

High waisted jeans (Levi's)

Black tee (Madewell, similar  here .)

Black tee (Madewell, similar here.)

Block heels ( Madewell )

Block heels (Madewell)

I’ll see you tomorrow for Outfit 2 - we can’t wait to see your #summer10x10 posts!