Rainy Day Casual | Summer 10x10

Outfit 10 in the app. I can't wait to add all my other items back into my Cladwell closet! But I will miss my "100% worn" stat that I've achieved during this challenge, but it's a great motivator to wear all of my clothes in my closet. 
Black tee (Madewell, old. Similar  here .)

Black tee (Madewell, old. Similar here.)

Sandals ( Target )

Sandals (Target)

Patterned shorts (Madewell, old. Similar  here  and  here .)

Patterned shorts (Madewell, old. Similar here and here.)

Jean jacket (Levi's, old. Similar  here .)

Jean jacket (Levi's, old. Similar here.)

I feel so grateful to have been able to join Caroline and Lee for my first 10x10 challenge! Can you believe the summer 10x10 is coming to a close?? 10 items really can make 10 different outfits for 10 separate days.

I'm heading out of this 10x10 challenge feeling pretty accomplished! If the goal of the challenge is to help me be more satisfied with the clothing I already own, then I'd say it has definitely been achieved. I'm feeling ready to be creative with the clothes I already have in my closet - especially after seeing everyone's #summer10x10 posts on Instagram. What an encouraging bunch of ladies! 

On Monday I’ll be sharing a recap post including my favorite outfits, least favorite outfits, overall thoughts about the challenge, and how I'm feeling heading back to my whole closet. Before I forget, let's talk about Outfit 10:

Today is a rainy day in Downtown Cincinnati, so it worked out that my final outfit fit the weather (AKA, flat sandals instead of my block heels, no white pants). On a sunny day, I'd definitely shed the jean jacket, but today's gloominess makes me want all the layers I can handle. This outfit felt like an easy go-to after testing a similar one last Wednesday. It's so comfy! 

What are you opting for on this fine last day of the 10x10 challenge? I can't wait to see your posts on Instagram! Don't forget to tag your photos with #summer10x10#cladwell10x10#unfancyremix, and #stylebee10x10. And be sure to watch Caroline and Lee's Instagram Stories throughout the day as they share their final outfits!