Crisp White + Off-White | Summer 10x10

Patterned shorts (Madewell, old. Similar  here  and  here .)

Patterned shorts (Madewell, old. Similar here and here.)

White button-up ( Madewell )

White button-up (Madewell)

Sandals ( Target )

Sandals (Target)

Today in the app, the new "edit outfit" feature came in handy because I wanted to pair white with white! I simply tapped the "..." in the bottom corner of the outfit and swapped the recommended tee for my white button up. Ta-da! 

Happy day four of the 10x10 challenge! Here's a quick run-down of today's outfit: my patterned shorts, white tie button up, and sandals. Call it risky to pair a white shirt with off-white shorts, but it feels just right for summer to me!

Let's take a second to address something: I am outfit-repeating these shorts after wearing them just yesterday. I justified this repeat with the fact that our office has Work From Home Wednesday (aka nobody saw me two days in a row), and it is approximately one million degrees and humid in Cincinnati this week. But also, who cares?! They're comfy shorts, the outfit looks relatively different based solely on my primary top, and I could focus more on my hair style/accessories. Restraints really do inspire creativity.  In this case, my restraints caused me to pair my white shorts with a white top. Don't let limits scare you, because they might just inspire new favorites - outfits you never knew you'd love so much!

If you're joining along for this 10x10 challenge, here's the most important thing to remember: have fun! It's okay to take a day off, switch around planned outfits based on the weather, or even trade out an item or two (gasp!). The idea is to get creative with the clothes you own and try not to feel that "so many things but nothing to wear" feeling for 10 days. 

Be sure to check out Caroline and Lee's outfits today - I am loving their closet staples for summer (and taking notes of pieces I might want to add to my closet for next summer).

See you tomorrow for Outfit 5! I promise I won't be wearing these shorts again.