White Button-up For The Win | Summer 10x10

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White button-up ( Madewell )

White button-up (Madewell)

High waisted jeans ( Levi  's )

High waisted jeans (Levi's)

Sandals ( Target )

Sandals (Target)

Welcome back to the second week of the summer 10x10 challenge! It was so refreshing to take the weekend off and use my whole closet again. It's amazing how after only five days of this challenge, I was thinking of new ways to wear all my other clothes. Who knew that restrictions would lead to creativity?? (Haha, everyone knew). 

This Monday outfit is comfy and easy - exactly what I need after a weekend away at a friend's wedding. The simple recipe: white button-up, high-waisted jeans, and sandals. Simple seems to be the key today - check out Lee and Caroline's outfits to see their take on the second Monday of this 10x10 challenge!

If you're joining along for this challenge, keep sharing your experience on Instagram with the hashtag #Summer10x10 — we love keeping up with you guys. See you tomorrow for outfit 7!