Wide Leg Pants, T-shirt And Heels | Summer 10x10

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Grey tee ( Madewell )

Grey tee (Madewell)

White wide-leg cropped jeans ( AG Jeans )

White wide-leg cropped jeans (AG Jeans)

Block heels ( Madewell )

Block heels (Madewell)

We're officially 2/3 of the way done with the Summer 10x10! Woo hoo! I'm not going to lie, I cannot wait to wear the rest of the clothes in my closet (confession: I already do on weekday evenings). However, for my first-ever 10x10 challenge, I'm really satisfied with how different each outfit has felt while all the items are interchangeable and neutral. But let this be a warning to my officemates—next week I will be wearing only bright colors and definitely some non-tan shoes. ;) 

Let's chat about Outfit 7: my wide-leg cropped pants, block heels, and tie-front grey tee. I've never paired these items together for fear of being too plain-jane, but I love how it turned out! If you haven't already noticed, I'm not big on the jewelry scene. Other than my wedding rings, I typically feel like an outfit is complete simply with a pair of big earrings or a bandana. But outfits like this have so much room for creativity when it comes to accessorizing, which makes me excited to re-wear in the late summer/early fall with a jacket or light scarf. 

Don't forget to check out Lee and Caroline's outfits today—I'm loving them, as usual! Keep up the tagging for this #summer10x10 challenge; we love seeing how everyone is keeping high spirits and getting creative towards the end of the 10x10!