How To Make Your Sundress Office Friendly | Summer 10x10

"I'm not so sure about this 'modeling' thing, Mom". 

"I'm not so sure about this 'modeling' thing, Mom". 

"JK, I was born for this". 

"JK, I was born for this". 

Outfit 9 in the app! Note: this outfit had to be custom-created, since the Cladwell app does not recommend button-ups with dresses. Edit your outfits in order to be able to log your creative masterpieces! 
White button-up ( Madewell )

White button-up (Madewell)

Blue and white striped midi dress (Old Navy, old. Similar  here ,  here , and  here .)

Blue and white striped midi dress (Old Navy, old. Similar herehere, and here.)

Block heels ( Madewell )

Block heels (Madewell)

We only have one more outfit to go in this summer 10x10! Here is Outfit 9, AKA my favorite of the challenge: my midi striped dress paired with my white tie-front button up and block heels. My favorite way to make this dress office-friendly is to layer a white button-up on top! It's not as heavy or restrictive-feeling as a jean jacket, yet still keeps me warm (and covered) in the air-conditioned office. Win, win! 

(And how cute is my puppy, Chico???!!!! He made my favorite outfit that much more of a favorite since he joined me in the office today.)

It looks like Caroline and I were on the same page again with our outfits today; see how she layered a button up over her dress in her Outfit 9. And don't forget to see Lee's outfit today—I'm loving her summer-y, light-colored look. 

If you're just joining, it's not too late! The 10x10 challenge is all about having fun and getting creative with the clothes you already own. You can start your own 10x10 challenge anytime! Caroline and Lee both have great tips for starting your own 10x10. 

Don't forget to share your own photos with the hashtags #summer10x10#cladwell10x10#unfancyremix, and #stylebee10x10. One more day!!!! Be sure to check back in tomorrow for the final outfit.