You Can Now Create Multiple Capsules In The Cladwell App!

We all have those articles of clothing that have their specific use for different times, days, events, seasons, moods, etc. With that said, wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of way to separate these items, keep them organized, aaaand hey, even have a source that curates the outfit combinations for you? Hello, that's us!

So, today is the day! We've created a personal "Capsule Manager" just for you in the Cladwell app. You can now create as many capsule wardrobes (or categories) for all of the different activities or occasions in your life. Whether your clothes differ from weekday to weekend, you will now only get outfit suggestions from the capsule wardrobe you're currently "on." Meaning, if you can't wear jeans to work. Leave them out of your "Work Capsule" and we won't recommend them.

By separating your clothes into their own mini capsules, you'll be able to get more accurate outfit recommendations based on your daily activities. Phew!

How To Create A New Capsule In The Cladwell App


  • Tap on the hamburger icon (3 lines) in the upper left-hand corner of the app 
  • If there are certain clothes that you'll never wear to work, you may want to create a "work capsule"
  • Name the capsule
  • Next, your closet will open up and you can easily tap and add any items you would wear to work
  • Then, go back to your home screen and see outfit recommendations using only the clothes from your new capsule.

Let's say you're going on vacation and only want to take 7 items, the app will do all the outfit-pairing work for you, giving you outfit suggestions using only those 7 items. If you want to see outfits from everything it closet, we've also made it super easy to switch back and forth!

Here, we did a 7x7 challenge for a little "stay-cation" in the city (7 articles of clothing, 7 unique outfits for 7 days). Check out our outfit video; let it inspire you. We believe a smaller wardrobe allows for a bigger life. Limitations breed creativity (but you already knew that). So, give the challenge a try (or try a 10x10 challenge)! And when you do, use the tags #Cladwell7x7 or #Cladwell10x10. We love seeing your outfits and we cannot wait to see the mini capsules you build in the app! 


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The "Capsule Manager" has been a highly-requested feature for our Cladwell app users. Categorization, occasion, separation, organization... whatever the words... Know this: we hear you, we honor your input, and we will always listen to you and give you the best service we possibly can! Thanks for loving Cladwell (we heart you, too!). And thank you for taking the time to pursue feel-good wardrobes for meaningful lives. You inspire us.