How To Wear A White Button-Up

The classic white button-up: a piece in your wardrobe that has endless possibilities. Check out a few of our favorite pairings in this quick video, then head to your white button-up in your Cladwell closet and get inspired!

Where to buy white button ups?

Oversized boyshirt fit (shown in video)

Relaxed fit

Classic button up fit

How to wear a white button up?

  • White button up + jean skirt + cardigan: with looser skirts, tuck the shirt in fully and try pairing with a loose cardigan.
  • White button up + pencil skirt: if the skirt is more body-fitting, then simply tie the white shirt at the top for a fun combination/no tucked-in shirt lines.
  • White button up + high waisted jeans: if you're rocking those 10" jeans, then go for the full tuck throw back look.
  • White button up + boyfriend jeans: with looser, lower waisted jeans, try the classic half tuck for a casual look. Pair with tennis shoes.
  • White button up + dress: Make old dresses new again by tying your button up

These are just the beginning of ideas for what goes well with a white button up. Mix, match, create. Need extra inspiration? Try out the Cladwell Daily Outfits app to discover endless possibilities within your own closet!

*Pro tip: Use our Capsule Manager—the categorization feature within the app—for maximum styling to fit your lifestyle and likings!