NYFW Aftermath with TechStyle NYC


That's right—Cladwell traveled to New York City for Fashion Week (Fashion Week, people!). We are still at a loss for words of the experience we had. Being in NYC all together was special enough, but to be there at a time where so much inspiration was constantly stirring and passing us with every head turn, was magical, to say the least.

It was a nice little reminder that, yeah, the midwest culture definitely differs from that of New York (then again, doesn't every city?), but no matter where you live, wearing what you love and being your own style inspiration is so important, and oh, so liberating! NYFW is the perfect time and place to reignite excitement for our own closets. We were all ready to get back to Cincinnati, Ohio and do a little invigorating closet refresh!

One way we actually believe you can be adventurous in the wardrobe department is not by buying more and more "new", but working with the old. And maybe not even "old," but stuff you already have! It is so much more satisfying to use your creativity in making something feel like new again than just sufficing to buy and buy. Mix and match, re-work your accessories into the mix and perfect the art of layering (we can help).

And we also believe that with an adventurous nature coincides with bravery. It takes bravery to let go of things—letting go of things that no longer serve you, letting go of what is merely just taking up space; space you could use to have just that—more space. Which is why when we ventured all the way to SoHo, Manhattan for TechStyle NYC, we brought all of the proper tools to uphold a successful clothing swap!

Not only did we swap, we had the honor of being accompanied by so many other sustainable brands within the fashion + technology world.  It was liberating coming together, learning about one another and each companies' mission. We met so many great influencers and it was a fun way (atop the most amazing loft, overlooking a gorgeous view of the city) to educate people on Cladwell and what exactly our mission is, too. 


We had some lovely Fashion Bloggers attend
(and do a little Instagram-story takeover for us throughout the evening). 
Here is the ultra-bubbly, Kathleen Harper of Kats Fashion Fix


You also may have seen Jess Ballas featured on our stories—the cool chick behind the blog, Style Out of Stock.


A huge thanks to Janine Just and her team for having us and creating such a successful, influential concept that is TechStyle NYC. 

Stay tuned for more fun, NYC interviews, style videos, + more with Color Me Courtney, Christine from My Style Pill, Author, Elizabeth Cline, and Brianne from Stroller in the City.