The Garment Life


Some of us shop to fill a void, shop out of boredom, for the mere fun of it, or because it was 80% off therefore you "had to have it!" Whatever the reasoning, it is inevitable that society tells us that "more" of everything is better—wrong-o! Fast fashion calls for fast turn-around, where things are made quickly and cheaply, making for faster, greater waste.

How about more bang for your buck with not cheap (in every sense of the word) clothing, but articles that last, and take you through life feeling confident and looking good?

We're here to make fashion slow again. For starters, we gladly promote concepts such as The Garment. The Garment is "a community of women, makers and influencers... connecting women and responsible brands, with the mission to change the future of fashion by doing just that."

Beautiful clothing made responsibly—this is what you can have in your real life closet and your virtual closet, too! (Scroll down to see all of the pieces in the Cladwell App!). We're grateful The Garment educates so many (including us!) on how we can get our hands on well-made clothing without an ounce of guilt. 

Whether you're on the "capsule" train or not, Cladwell hopes for everyone to have a wardrobe that has thought behind each item, is well-worn (every item put to use; imagine that!), and one that is loved and cherished. And your closet can in fact uphold all of those characteristics with fewer things in it. Seriously! And to build such a closet, The Garment is a lovely way to begin.

We've rounded up some of our favorite looks from sustainable-makers, sported by Morgan Hamel, below. You can see how every piece has been styled in the app!

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Below is a glimpse at all of the sustainable pieces you can find inside your Daily Outfits App. Luckily, with our app feature, The Capsule Manager, you can add all your favorite, sustainable Garment pieces into one capsule! Add your go-to jeans, a few shoe options, and 16 items alone can give you a total of 89 outfit combinations! Imagine the possibilities you'll get when you incorporate these sustainable pieces to the rest of your closet. We have thousands of new outfit possibilities for you—combinations you wouldn't have thought of on your own.
Discover them for free, today!

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Here's where you to find each piece IN CLADWELL:

All of the featured items are ethically and sustainably created by female makers. (Cool, eh?) You can shop each item below!

  1. Chunky Sweater: The Mid-weight T Sweater by Jamie + The Jones

  2. Baseball Hem Tee: White "Johnny" Tee by Free Label Clothing

  3. Muscle Tank: Grey Del Muscle Tank by Free Label Clothing

  4. Raw Silk Tee: The Blank Canvas Top (comes in several colors!) by Jamie + The Jones

  5. Linen Tie-Front Top: made by Only Child Clothing; similar here

  6. Linen Shift Dress: Black Linen Dress by Pyne and Smith

  7. Striped Linen Dress: Blue Stripe No. 11 by Pyne and Smith

  8. Tee Dress: Slouchy Long Dress by Buttercream Clothing

  9. Linen Jumpsuit: Vista Jumpsuit by Only Child Clothing

  10. Spanish Sandals: Brown Cuero PONS Sandals by Avarcas