A Must Read For The Summer from Design For Mankind's Erin Loechner (Plus, a Free Book Excerpt)

If you’re looking for Erin Loechner’s bio, you’ll find that she’s passionate about “slow living, mold-breaking and window-down, top-of-the-lung car singing.”

And that’s why we’re big fans of our friend, Erin around here at Cladwell.

Founder of Design for Mankind and author of Chasing Slow, she speaks honestly and openly about learning to tune out the fame and frenzy and instead focus on what’s most important in life. As we read her work, we were welcomed into a “new-fashioned lifestyle”: one that makes us thoughtful about our perspective on life and our priorities.

And to her, this new-fashioned lifestyle touches every area of life – from our hearts to our closets. The goal being that “all that remains is what you love.”

Because it’s truly enjoyable… because it’s keenly insightful… and because it’s just deeply true, we’re recommending that all our friends put this on their must-read list.

Ready for this life-changing read? Well, the best news is that we have a sneak peak for you. Jump into Erin's story in this chapter about her capsule wardrobe journey in Chasing Slow.