Personal Style With Stroller In The City

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Personal style can feel like a label, but your personal style is actually just made up of the clothes you LOVE. Brianne from Stroller In The City tells us about her's! And as we discuss it further, Brianne describes her favorite, go-to pieces in her wardrobe all as interchangeable, neutral and they all easily intertwine with the rest of her closet. That's why we love our capsule wardrobes—they include all of our favorite things, while working hand-in-hand from one piece to the next. 

How to use the Outfits App to help you learn more of your own personal style:

Take a look at:
1) The top colors from your closet. 
2) Types of items you’re most drawn to.
From there, what’s missing? These may be holes in your wardrobe! The app gives you stats on how often you wear things and/or how little you don't. Sometimes numbers are what you need to show you how much you really love an item, or remind you it's time to let something go.