5 Ways To Fight Retail Therapy

I laugh at the phrase “retail therapy”.

But... I also buy into it.

Did I justify buying another white dress (during wedding season no less!) just because I had a rough day?
Of course not.
Ok, fine. I did.

Yes, I may have made a poor life choice, and I’m embarrassed. But also kind of delighted by the way the dress hangs in my closet (and I better be, since it might eternally stay hanging in that closet).

This being the case, I’ve decided there's got to be a proactive way to solve this problem. Instead of purchasing useless clothing to cover rough days, why not meet those rough days with different, more fulfilling, activities?

Five Simple Alternatives To The Tragic Cheap Dress (or Fill In The Blank)

     1. Buy a succulent.

No, I’m not actually kidding. Buy something living for your home, that you can take care of and see everyday as a lasting reminder of the day that didn’t beat you. 

     2. Make a meal for family or friends

Food brings people together in emotional and physical ways that we can’t imagine. Since ancient times, shared meals have communicated hospitality and love. Try it.

     3. Take a friend out for coffee.

Try reaching out to a friend and hearing about what’s going on in their lives. You never know what her or his day looks like.

     4. Call a family member that’s been on your call list for a while.

Family lasts longer than that H&M shirt you just bought. Just think about that priceless investment.

     5. Go for a walk.

Walk, run, bike, go outside and read! Give yourself time to think. Find a space to enjoy the world around you.

These are just a few alternatives to retail therapy. And five out of five of them sound better than that terrible white dress in my closet. And five out of five of them will last way longer. So, make a list for yourself to pull out in moments of distress. Don’t be unprepared. That way, when the siren call of the useless white dress comes, you can instead do something lasting, worthwhile and that doesn’t haunt you with guilt every time you open your closet doors. You've got this!