6 Ways To Wear A Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Don't put your crew neck sweatshirt in a corner. Typically, we see these comfy items as one-stop-shops. Turns out, this perfect transitional piece has quite a bit of styling potential. So, as the weather jumps up and down by twenty degrees a day, this sweatshirt can be your best crazy-weather friend.

Brandy Melville Crew Neck Sweatshirt (pictured)
Everlane Crew Neck Sweatshirt (made ethically)

If you're contemplating adding this interchangeable piece to your closet, or if you already have it and need some inspiration, here are 6 ways to wear a crew neck sweatshirt:

1. With boyfriend jeans.

2. Tied over your shoulders.

3. With a jean skirt.

4.  Over a t-shirt dress.

5. Layered with a button up.

6. Paired with a bandana.