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How To Shop Ethically On A Budget

Believe it or not, when it comes to clothing, you can put the words ethical and affordable in the same sentence. Promise.

Some may say that ethical fashion isn't for them because they don't want to wear shirts made out of recycled cans OR because it's just too expensive. Moving past the recycled can shirt myth, if buying ethical fashion right off the site isn't your jam, consider buying pre-worn clothing.

Before you immediately dismiss this option, hear me out. About 5 - 10 years ago the only way to make this a reality was to shop at your local Goodwill or consignment store. And unless you were an early hipster into vintage items and graphic tees it probably wasn’t for you.

With that said, 5-10 years is a long time ago in the technology age we currently live in. Today, you can shop second-hand from a full range of brands who specialize in this sort of thing. It keeps your dollars from supporting businesses who refuse to pay their labor fair wages and gives you access to a variety of items that may help showcase your unique style. It’s never been easier to look stylish and shop in an ethical way.

Here are our favorite sites and stores that help you shop easily, ethically...and affordably! 

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Cladwell's Shopping Guide: A Brand List To Help You Shop Ethically

Let's say you want to change the way you shop. You want to begin purchasing fewer items of higher quality. Items you can wear again and again. Instead of contributing to the unsustainable cycle of fast fashion, you want to contribute to economies and lives in good and ethical ways.

The problem becomes, where do you find these brands? You're right. You're not seeing them as you stroll through your local mall. And googling is for the birds. (Yes, I've always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence. But I digress...)

So, we've done some work for you. We’ve scoured the interwebs for ethical brands that are transparent about how their clothes are made. And we've made a list for you! A list we will be continually adding to as we find more.

We can’t guarantee this list is perfect. So we encourage you to explore further and do your own research before buying. But, we hope it's a good head start to a whole new way of shopping and more importantlyliving.

And now for that extensive and beautiful list you've been looking for:

Shop All

Women's Only

Men's Only


Shoes & Accessories

Athletic & Outdoor

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5 Questions To Ask Before Creating A Capsule

If you’re thinking about creating a capsule wardrobe it can be rather intimidating.

After all, getting rid of all the clutter in your closet sounds pretty amazing especially when you see a 3 minute segment on the Today Show… that is until you realize you’ll have nothing wear. Look, even Al Roker would have some serious questions. Not to mention, who has the budget to redo their entire wardrobe unless you happen upon Stacy London or Tim Gunn, both of which we hear are quite the delight... but we digress.

Right now, you’re probably feeling a lot of excitement around the idea, but let’s be honest, most of that excitement is seeded with built-in anxiety. Should you do it? Should you not?

Both legitimate questions that any normal human being would ask themselves especially in a country where $8 shirts reign as queen and having a big walk-in closet is still held up as the king of all kings.   

But here’s the thing, having a capsule wardrobe doesn’t taketh away. In fact, quite the opposite. By removing the items you don’t love, you’re actually able to make room for things you do. A simple concept that somewhere in between models dancing in GAP commercials (remember those?) and the Black Friday frenzy, it all got lost in translation. So if you’re still questioning whether or not having a capsule wardrobe is for you, just ask yourself these 5 questions:


The reason you may not be able to find anything to wear in the morning may have nothing to do with needing a whole new wardrobe. Instead, it could have everything to do with you not being able to see the clothes you love. Clutter is overwhelming. Once you are able to see all the pieces you enjoy wearing, choosing an outfit in the morning can become a simple and painless process.


We’re all busy, and we all have multiple decisions to make within a day. Having one less thing to worry about is always a good thing. By loving every item in your wardrobe you don’t have to worry about choosing or wearing the wrong thing. That decision has already been made.


When you begin to see your wardrobe as an entire collection you can easily spot what pieces are missing and why. This frees you up to shop with purpose and to complete your seasonal wardrobe rather than the alternative, shopping to fill a void.


There’s a reason why you chose the clothes hanging in your closet. There is also a reason why you chose something that may not look like you. Sometimes we buy clothes just because they’re cheap or new. As you go through the process of creating a capsule wardrobe you’ll start to identify colors, styles you gravitate toward and key clothing items that feel truly representative of who you are.


It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the problems that lie deep within the fashion industry especially when you’re not entirely sure what to do about it. With a smaller wardrobe you can start to pay attention to brands you buy from and purchase clothes only necessary to completing your wardrobe.  

If you don’t love your closet, you have the option to change it. What if the key to having a perfect wardrobe was in your control all along? Wouldn’t that be worth trying out.

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Why We Want To (beat) Fast Fashion?

I always pictured that clothes were made in some factory where there were big piles of garments, and it goes through a machine and out it spits the t-shirts in every different size. That's not actually true. And it was new information to me. What's embarrassing about that, is that I've actually been running a fashion company for two and a half years without knowing where the clothes that I was selling were coming from. Once we actually asked that question... a lot of things started to change. 

What we found is that fast fashion is a shift that's happened really over the past 10 years or so, in the fashion industry. This has completely changed the way we as consumers relate to clothes and the way that companies sell clothes. It's all about high quantity and low quality clothing, almost like disposable clothing.

This is horrible for two main reasons:

1. It's horrible for humans on other side of the earth, because if you're buying t-shirts for $3 or $4 that are disposable. There's not a lot of margin in that to pay workers. So it's forced the entire industry to go more toward third world countries and towards unsafe work environments for those people.

2. It's absolutely horrible for the environment. There was a report that recently came out that said the fashion industry is the number two most polluting industry on earth next to the oil industry. 

Share the video above, and let's (beat) fast fashion.

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Here's A Store That Wants You To Buy Less

It’s not everyday you see an online store with a tagline that reads “Life is more than clothing.” It seems rather counter-intuitive for someone who needs to sell clothes to stay in business. Yet, that's exactly what More Clothing Co. stands behind. Life is more than clothing, and people are more than consumers.

Really? Yes. Really!

The idea stemmed from the founders’ own problem trying to purchase ethically and sustainably made clothing. You see, it’s a simple concept. This idea that people should be able to feel good about the clothes you’re wearing, knowing that the those who made them are just as valuable as we are.

Sure clothes are great, but the founders also realized at the end of the day, they’ll never truly satisfy us. 

Alright, what is More Clothing?

It’s ethical, sustainable, quality clothing. They partner with some of the best brands in ethical fashion, to offer you one place to find timeless, versatile items for your wardrobe. I must say, it's perfect for filling the gaps in your capsule. You can easily find what you need and get back to loving, working, dreaming and making the world a better place.

The reason we love them.

Similar to our beliefs at Cladwell, these people are on a mission to combat the fast fashion industry and make ethical clothing more accessible.

Note to self:  You can even host a movie night through their Movies for More program and earn free clothes.

Shopping ethically is challenging. There's not a lot of stores to choose from and convenience often wins the battle when you're out shopping. But here's the thing, the less we have to "go out and shop" the better choices we can make. The better choices we can make the bigger impact we can have. The bigger impact we can have, the better this little place called the world becomes. End of story. 


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