Best Clothes For Men's Body Types

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Fit Matters

One of the most useful things men can do to step up their style is find the best clothes for their unique body type. Being confident that you're choosing the best clothes for your body can save you time, money, and most importantly, your sanity when shopping.

How do I know what body type I am?

Easy. You're probably 1 (or some combination) of 3 main male body types: the ectomorph, the endomorph, and the mesomorph. If none of these sound exactly like you, that's okay. Choose the closest one.

1. You know you’re an ECTOMORPH if…

- You're the tall and thin man, with long, lean muscle

- Your shoulders are slim and chest is flat

- You have a fast metabolism

- You have difficulty gaining body weight and muscle

2. You know you’re an ENDOMORPH if…

- You’re strong, but without the muscle definition

- You have a thick and rounder physique

- Your metabolism is slow and you gain weight easily

- You’ve been called “stocky"

3. You know you’re a MESOMORPH if…

- You have a rectangular, large body frame

- Gaining/losing weight is not an issue for you

- Your muscles are highly defined

Cladwell Is Your Guide To Fit

Finding the best clothes for your body type can be a challenge. That's why here at Cladwell, we try to take out all of the pain points around shopping.

Finding clothes that fit is one of those challenges. Here are a few questions Cladwell asks to help figure out the best clothes your body type:

What are the best clothes for my body type?

With all three types, the most important thing is to avoid clothes that are too big your frame. Overly loose or too baggy of clothes are not flattering, no matter your body type.


The great thing for you ectomorphs is that a lot of clothes are designed for builds just like yours, especially trendier items.

SHIRTS: A good fit will just skim your body, allowing for movement while highlighting your trim physique. Look for “slim or trim fit” in shirts, sweaters, blazers, and coats. When it comes to dress shirts, go for a spread collar. It gives the illusion of wider shoulders and draws the eye horizontal instead of vertical. Anything with bold patterns or a lot of contrast will also add visual weight to your upper body (in a good way).

PANTS: A slim and straight leg pant will keep you from looking too thin without swallowing you.


Endomorphs might have it a little harder, but these tips should help.

SHIRTS: A monochromatic look from head to toe will slim you down & make you appear taller. Stick with vertical stripes and small prints/patterns, as larger ones will make you look bigger. Look for dress shirts with a standard or narrow point collar. In blazers and jackets, opt for more structured shoulders, as it draws the eye upward and balances out a heavy middle.

PANTS: Avoid pleated trousers; go for a straight, relaxed fit in pants. If you are a pretty short man, make sure you find a tailor you trust to hem your pants for a proper length.


Mesomorphs have an athletic physique that sometimes leaves your shoulders wide and your waist small (a V-shape), which makes it more difficult to find clothes that fit well.

SHIRTS: Choose tops/jackets with wide shoulders but a slim fit at the waist. Depending on how wide your shoulders are, best-case scenario might be for you to choose a regular/classic fit and have your tailor take in the waist. On dress shirts, a standard point collar will draw the eye vertically and small-medium sized patterns will flatter your athletic build.

PANTSStraight leg pants will keep you streamlined and balance out your broad shoulders.

Now that was a lot of information. The biggest thing to take away from this is that we want men to feel great in whatever body shape you were blessed with. We want you to look good and feel awesome. Wearing clothes that are the right fit give every man a boost of confidence. Confidence is key, friends. 

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