Best Clothing Colors for Skin Tones: A Tool for Men

Have you ever had someone say, “Jeez, Steve, you look totally fly in that shirt, brah”?  Probably not, but I bet you’ve had someone tell you that a particular clothing color looked best on you. But when someone says you look good in green, how do you know which green?  Green like grass?  Or green like Justin Bieber's immigration papers? And how do you even know whether you can trust that person in the first place?

Now, imagine you had someone you could trust to tell you which colors are the best for you and actually help you get dressed everyday. Cladwell does this for you.  We straight up tell you what to wear each day based on what colors and styles go best together in your closet.

You can get it free for life here. It sends you expertly styled outfits every morning using the clothes you already own.

So click the 'Try Cladwell' button to get your best clothing colors right now.

But, if you want to learn a little bit about how we arrived at our current color assessment tool, read on.

1. Guys Matter Too

When we began researching and designing a system that recommends the best clothing colors for skin tones, we ran into a lot of problems.  Front and center was the fact that this information just isn't really accessible to guys like it is to women.

Sure, you can swing on by Seventeen Magazine’s website or on your computer at work and pray that Craig doesn’t obnoxiously slink by your cubicle, look over your shoulder, and then loudly ask what you’re doing looking at Seventeen Magazine "you perv".

You may have even come across a few other sites, like the one below, which offer best colors for your skin tone surveys.

Cladwell exists to help guys and to make this stuff as easy and accessible as possible.  No shame here.  No more worrying about Craig peering over your shoulder.

2. The Colors

If you do brave Craig’s ridicule and actually read about the best clothing colors for your skin tone, the colors suggested are often totally impractical for a man’s wardrobe because this information is usually intended for a strictly female audience.

Yes, you can wear any color you like, but good luck finding a chartreuse shirt or deep sea foam blazer at Macy’s.  And now I know that I should be wearing orange-based makeup.  I assume they mean the color, not the citrus fruit.

3. Confusion

Some of the online quizzes that help you determine your color season actually ask which colors are best on you, which is kind of the whole idea behind the quiz.  So, that's not helpful.

And some of the questions they ask seem like nonsense.  I took one that asked me what my favorite color is - not to wear, just what color I liked.  I said deep sea foam.

Cladwell was actually guilty of this at one point by asking guys to identify the color of the veins on their underarms (a common question on these types of quizzes).  We've since repented.  We were never really happy with it and neither were all the men who took that version of our survey.

Thankfully, we figured out a way around it (more about that below).  Even if you do make it through these other quizzes, sometimes the results just don't make sense.  Here's another screenshot of one of the results I received.


We Keep It Simple

We discovered that guys had a really hard time distinguishing 30 shades of underarm skin color.

We know guys don't want to go find a childhood picture of themselves to see what their hair color was when they were 4. So, we developed our own proprietary system in order to simplify the process.

Cladwell eliminated questions that were just too hard to answer or unnecessary, limited the options, and developed a proprietary algorithm that gives you good results for your best colors while asking just a few questions.

Then, we select the most practical colors to represent to each palette. Here is an example of one of our questions.The best part is that if you're not exactly sure, it's okay. Our algorithm will figure it out for you.  We believe that men need a guide, not just more tips.  Here are my personal Style Analytics.

My whole life, I was always told to wear earth tones and anything blue because of my blue eyes. Now, thanks to Cladwell, I can be confident in what colors are truly best for my skin tone.  And when I wear the colors shown above, I feel powerful and confident. 

Sign up for Cladwell today. Take a quick survey and Cladwell will not only give you your best colors, but also recommend the right clothes for you based on your style, body and budget.  You'll even get an entire custom Wardrobe generated for you, which serves as your personal roadmap to dress better.