Exciting News About Cladwell Users + Update from Cladwell

A letter from the Cladwell team: 

Hey Guys,

After thousands of survey responses, phone calls, and emails with Cladwell customers, we have some exciting facts to share about the Cladwell community:

1) The guys who are using their wardrobe each season have saved around $850 per year by buying less clothing.

2) As a whole, you have donated $10,000,000+ worth of clothes in the past year because of Cladwell.

3) 33% of Cladwell purchases of new clothes took place online, while 67% prefer to buy live at a mall or store.

This is super exciting for us, because that means we’re providing real value to you guys and our world at large.

Yay...Wait a Second

Historically, we make our money when you buy stuff online. The problem?

a) You like to buy clothes at the mall or in stores more than you like to buy clothes online.

b) We at Cladwell get more excited about helping you stop shopping than buy more stuff.

We’re curious if there might be a better way for us to keep the lights on at Cladwell that aligns more with how you want to shop, and with our goal of delivering clothing freedom to the masses.

So - We’re Starting to Explore and Expand

We want to let you know that over the next few weeks we'll be exploring some different ways to make money that align more with our mission & our customer’s desires.

As of today, Cladwell is expanding our recommendations to clothes from anywhere and everywhere - regardless of the commission that we get. We’ll also be removing our shopping cart shortly because you told us it limited your selection.

In order to do that, we’re having all new users pay a small monthly fee to use our service. We are excited about this  because:

a) We now can recommend from every brand, regardless of our relationship with them.

b) Since we’re no longer dependent on commissions, we can be even more aggressive in helping save you money and keep building cool stuff. We’re totally on your side.

Ok - What Does This Mean for You?

Nothing. For now, you can keep using Cladwell for free. In the future, we may ask you to pay a reduced rate, give a tip, or share with friends or something - but we promise we will take care of you.

Thank you for being with us from the beginning. We’re really excited about these new developments. Look out for Summer Wardrobe in the next week or two, and Cladwell Outfits coming soon!


The Cladwell Team

P.S. We know this is a lot to read, but we want to be really transparent with you as the business develops. If you have any questions or concerns or just want to chat - feel free to contact our CEO Blake personally by emailing him at blake@cladwell.com or call or text him at 513.582.7707.