How to Cuff Your Jeans: Style Tips and Rules for Men

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If you're going to participate in the cuffed jeans trend spefically, let's make sure you know how to cuff your jeans the right way. In this video of Style Tips for the Everyday Guy, Alison answers Eric's questions about cuffing pants of all kinds. Here is a highlight of the tips and rules to consider:

  1. Cuffing your jeans is optional

  2. Only cuff on slimmer fit jeans. You want a clean, tapered look.

  3. Aim for the pant laying at the top of the shoe.

  4. A wider roll is more casual than a narrower roll.

  5. Cuffed jeans is a pretty timeless trend.

Find out more and get some visual help by watching the video.


Alison, do my tight rolling skills of the early 90s transfer over to today's jean cuffing trend? (Ehh..)

All right, hey guys, welcome back to Cladwell's Style Tips for the Everyday Guy. I'm Eric. And I'm Alison. (I'm Chris). Quiet you. And today, we're talking about how to cuff your jeans and we're going to show you how to do that. We're also going to answer a bunch of common questions a lot of guys might have around this subject. I know I have. So, let's just jump right into it.



Cuffing your jeans is a trend right now, right? Talk to me about that. Do I need to jump into this trend or not?

Sure. Yes, it is a trend, and trends come and go kind of like a wave. But the thing with cuffing your jeans, I would say, or cuffing your pants in general is that it's not necessarily ever going to look bad. It's never going to go out of style, but it's just kind of more popular now due to the fit of jeans that men seem to be wearing more these days.



Ok, so talk to me about that. What is it about the fit today that makes it more popular?

Sure. Well, cuffs are only going to work when your jean is a straight fit to a slightly tapered fit around the ankle, which seems to be the more popular style right now. Kind of a slim, slim straight or dare I say, skinny jean. With those styles, the cuff works.


Ok. So, this was helpful to me when we were talking about this. The goal is kind of that sleek look. That's kind of the biggest thing around the cuff. Tell me what jeans can I wear this and what jeans should I not wear it with?

Right. Again, the straight, slim straight, maybe even a skinny jean. If you go for boot cut or more regular cut, you face the - it could flop over. The terrible flop. You can't ever cuff anything where it's not going to nicely fit up right next to the rest of the pant because it will fall over. It just looks sloppy. (That's good).


So, where should the cuff? Where's the target for it to actually end? And how far up the leg should it go?

Sure. The safe bet is always to hit right at the top of your shoe. It's always going to be a clean cut cuff, and it's one straight line. So, you have a straight line for the jean, and then you see your shoe. The higher you go up the leg is kind of more into the danger zone. You're getting a little bit more experimental. (Maybe more towards the capri?) Yes, yeah. But, let's say you have some crazy socks you really want to show off. You can maybe do it one more cuff up.

If you have a higher shoe, like a boot on, you go above to the top of the boot as well?

Yes, go to the top of the boot. Yup.



And then another similar question is the single roll vs. the double roll. We know where to end it, but what's the difference between the two?

Well, they kind of go in tangent. You're going to want to roll it to where it lays and where it ends the best. This is a double roll here, and it looks a little bit sleeker because you can't see the hem at all. If you go for a single roll where you kind of see this hem here, it's a little bit more of a slightly casual - more laid back look. You can always cheat that. Let's say you only have the length to do a single roll, but you want to go for this look, you can kind of just tuck this hem here. (Oh cool, just the top of it. So, it's a single roll, but you're just tucking the top down.) Right. You just get the allusion of a double cuff.


So, another question I have about this is I've seen wide cuffs, and I've seen skinnier cuffs. What's the difference between the two?

Sure. About an inch is about the safe zone, like right around here. If you go for a wider cuff, it's kind of a little bit more casual. Thinner cuff, a little bit more formal. And along with that, you want to play up what's going to look the best on you and your body type. So, if you are a shorter guy and you have shorter legs, stick with a smaller cuff. A wider cuff is just going to make you look even shorter. And if you're a taller guy, than you can pull off a little bit more of that wider cuff.


That's really helpful. And just along those lines, if I do want to participate and cuff my jeans a lot, is that going to impact how I buy jeans? And the length of my jeans I'm actually going to buy?

Tough question. But yes. If you know that you like this look and you always want to cuff your jeans, than maybe get that extra inch when you're buying your jeans. But to go along with that, the most important thing is that you have a good fit in your jeans. So, you always want to buy the size that's going to fit the rest of you well. But along with that, you want to make sure that if you want to have the option of when your jean is uncuffed and it's still looking nice, you don't want to buy something that's extra long so you get a lot of bunch down here. That just looks sloppy.

Yes, that was the early 90's. That was the tight roll. It was a great time.


Ok, so just to recap. We hope this was helpful for you guys.

  • Cuffing is an optional thing. It's a trend.

  • Do what's authentic to you. Don't feel pressured. Just like any style or trend, if you're feeling pressured into it, it's just not a good thing.

  • Go for a sleek look.

  • You want it to end at the top of your shoe.

  • And the width - if it's wider, it's more casual. Narrower is a little more formal.

So, give it a try. Guys, we hope this was helpful. I want to say thanks to Alison for joining us today. I want to say thank you to our leg model for joining us today. (Hey, any time man). And you guys, be sure to go check out Our mission is to help you guys look great and feel awesome. And, we just want to thank you guys so much for watching. We'll see you next time.