How to Wear a Beanie for Guys (Video)

In today's Style Advice for the Everyday Guy from Cladwell, Chris and Eric discuss How to Wear a Beanie. We discuss some of the most important issues when it comes to the beanie. Beanie? Ski hat? Toboggan? Knit hat? Well, whatever you call your winter hat, we're bringing you tips on how to wear it.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, I'm Eric from Cladwell.

And, I'm Chris. Hold onto your hats!

Because today, we're talking about ... the beanie.

All right guys, welcome back! Thanks for joining us on another show. We're bringing style advice for the every day guy. We've talked about layering. We've talked about sneakers. Today, we're going to be talking about the beanie.

What Do You Call This Hat?

Is that really what it's called?

Is that really what it's called? Funny you should ask. We looked this up. People have different names for this kind of hat. I call it the beanie.

Yes, I call it the ski hat.

The ski hat. And, we just wanted to share a few of these other names. Curious about what you call it. Leave a comment below. So, some of the other names for this - the sock hat, the knit hat, the knit cap, and the sock cap. See that? The socking cap, the tossled cap, the ski hat. So, here's the one I heard, and I went to college in Nashville. It's called the toboggan.

Yeah, I always thought that was a sled.

It is a sled. So, if you call it a toboggan, you're wrong.

Agreed. Yes, we have the authority to do that.

Here's a couple more. The burglar beanie. So, you just picture someone robbing a house with their burglar beanie. The wooly hat. And, our personal favorite, the snookie. Yeah. The snookie. So, if you call this hat the snookie, let us know. That's pretty interesting.

Yeah, I'd love to talk to you.

Primary Purpose - Fashion or Function?

All right, let's get into this. First question, I'm calling this the beanie by the way for today's purposes. Primary purpose, function or fashion?

There's a lot of debate about this as with many things that you wear. Is it for fashion or for function. I am in the camp that says this is primary a functional item. It's a cold weather accessory. You wear it when it's cold outside.

It's HOT Where I Live!

Ok, so if I live in a warmer climate, I can't wear this?

I mean you can. You can definitely still pull of the look. You were talking about how you like to wear it in the summer or spring. Fall / spring. So, you've got the hat. You've got a t-shirt. You like to do that right?

Yeah, in that kind of in between temperature, you can kind of wear something lighter and it still keeps you warm. I like that dynamic.

Yeah, you can get away without wearing a jacket you're saying. Yes. Exactly. Yeah, I think that that's cool. It's what I call, and you may have heard me say this before, THE DANGER ZONE. So, if you're not 100% confident that you can really pull it off, than keep it in your cold weather accessories.

My Head Is Small. Don't Judge Me.

Ok, so next question, and this is a real question for me because I have kind of a small head. And my face shape is a little smaller.

Yeah, I noticed.

So, how do I keep it from swallowing my head and looking weird?

Yeah, one of the things you can do. You're doing it right now. Wear the hat back on your head a little bit where the hair meets the forehead.

So, I could wear it over my brow. And, it keeps out cold weather. That's how I wore it as a kid.

Yeah, that's totally functional. If you want to wear it a little bit more stylishly, pull it back. We can see your beautiful face.

How Do I Protect My Fresh Cut?

Next question, similar question. What if I like to style my hair? Can I wear a beanie?

Yeah, it's hard to do. This is actually one of the reasons my wife just buzzed my head because I wanted to wear hats in the winter.

So, you went as far as to buzz your head (yes), to cut it off, because you like beanies so much! It's so much easier. It's quicker. You don't have to worry about your hair. For those people out there who don't want to maybe want to shave off their hair, what do you recommend?

One of the things you can do is think about the product you wear in your hair. So, if you use like a pomade or a wax based product, it will probably hold your look a little better. Better than a gel or hair spray.

And if you don't want to touch your hair at all, how do you get through the cold weather?

You can wear a warm scarf. Or, a jacket with a really high collar. Your head will be cold, but if you can still do things to keep your neck/face area warm, it will help a lot.

3 Ways to Wear It

Ok. So, let's go through a couple of different ways to wear the beanie. Just how to do it.

Yeah, you're demonstrating one way right now, it's the double roll. It's the classic, American workwear style. It looks like Sylvester Stallone, who I love. Who doesn't want to look like Sylvester Stallone from Rocky?

Yeah, I just want to go punch some frozen cows right now. Bam!

So, that's a great look. Here's another look. You can just fold it down one time, so you have a single roll. Kind of like a single cuff on your jeans. Kind of put it on the same place on your head. Yeah, we're wearing it back a bit. I could pull it back on my head a bit because I have a longer face. That's a very standard. Very casual look. And this is a very casual hat, and it's a bit longer. So, it has some room. It's not a shorter hat.

And this is how you like to wear it, a third option. And I like it, I'm a very casual guy. No roll. No nothing. Just slip it over your head. It's hanging down in the back a bit. I like this look. It has an urban, kind of a surfer vibe to it. I really like it.

All right guys, so that's how to wear a beanie. If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments below. Be sure to subscribe, we're bringing you style advice every week.

And check out, get your personal roadmap to dress better. Thanks a lot for watching. We'll see you next time.