How To Wear A Blazer For Men - 6 Looks & Buying Tips


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Why Blazers Are Awesome

One word - versatility.  Blazers are a MUST for your wardrobe because they are so versatile. From casual to formal, blazers can be the perfect addition to almost any outfit to really pull a look together. Now, I want to help you look awesome in a blazer, so here are some tips on how to wear a blazer for men.

I. Buying Tips

If you are in the market for a new blazer, there are a few things to keep in mind when searching. Pay attention to the type of blazer, how the blazer fits, and the color options.

Types of Blazers

There are so many different styles of blazers out there, but the standard double-breasted and the two-button are the most classic. Keep in mind whether you'll be wearing it for mostly casual or mostly formal occasions.

Patch pockets and unstructured shoulders (those without padding) often connote more casual blazers, which wouldn't be best for business meetings.


A great blazer must fit well.  To get an awesome blazer that isn’t too loose or too tight, watch out for some of these signs.

Too Tight:

  • If the blazer pulls and forms an “X” when buttoned.

  • If the shoulders and sleeves of the blazer will be tight and have pulls.

Too Loose:

  • If the shoulders either extend past your natural shoulder or have a wrinkled and disheveled appearance. (Check out Dappered's quick tips and the shoulder into wall test)

  • If the cuffs of the jacket go past your knuckles.


After finding the right fit, consider what colors will go best with your wardrobe. Gray and Navy are the safest and most versatile, while brown and tan are great casual options. If you want something trendier, go for a more vibrant blue or maroon.

II. Styling Tips - 6 Blazer Looks

It's all about what you pair with your blazer and how you layer it that allows you to create a look that is comfortable and unique to you. Check out our suggestions below.

 1. Dress Shirt with Tie

For those more formal events, you can’t go wrong with this classic pairing. You can mix and match almost any dress shirt and tie to create an awesome look that works with your style. Our advice would be to stay away from the more casual blazers to prevent looking frumpy.

2. Cardigans and Sweaters

Adding a cardigan or sweater underneath your blazer is a great way to add warmth, texture and an air of sophistication.

3. Oxford

Oxfords are more wearable button ups for just about any occasions. This makes them a perfect pairing for just about any blazer whether you are dressing it up or down.

4. Polos

If you don’t feel like getting all buttoned up, opt for a polo shirt. It is still a nice look but not as formal feeling as a button up. Plus, if you want a sportier look, this is definitely the way to go.

5. V-Neck Tee

Wearing a blazer with a t-shirt is a little bit more casual still. It has a distinctly chic feel to it. If you're going to go for this look, we recommend going with a v-neck rather than a crew neck t-shirt. It looks a little bit better with the lapel of the blazer.

6.  Jeans

Wearing a blazer with a nice pair of dark washed jeans is a great way to dress up a casual look. But, slouchy jeans and distressed jeans can add an interesting and unexpected twist to the look.