What Color Suit Should I Buy? Men's Suit Coloring Guide

Ok, we get it.  You need a suit, but you don't have a lot of coin to spend.  And so, if you're new to the suit world, or can only afford one suit, which color suit should you buy? So glad you asked.


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There definitely is a right and wrong answer to this question.  So, kudos to you for doing your research.

We've done our research too.

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Suit Color Buying Guide

If you're only looking for what color suit you should buy, than check out the handy guide we created below.  Don't worry, there are plenty of pictures.

So whether you need help finding the best first suit for a new job, are on a mission for how to buy a suit online, or simply want style tips on the best color suit for your hair, skin, eyes, etc., than read on.  We've got your back.

The What Color Suit Should I Buy Guide Condensed Transcript:

1. Gray Suit - Modern Man

Gray has replaced black as the must-have for semi formal office wear.  And because it’s just a little more casual than black, it still works well during the day or for a dressy evening out, making it the most versatile of all suit colors.  If you’ve got one suit in your closet, it oughta be gray.

2. Navy Suit - Sophisticate

While gray may have a modern edge, navy is always in style and makes a great choice for the second suit in your closet.  It has a slightly more relaxed and gentlemanly feel - especially when paired with brown or burgundy shoes, though black shoes work well, too.  And the jacket can always double as a blazer when paired with a different pair of dress pants or a pair of jeans.

3. Black Suit - Traditionalist

Despite what you might hear, black works really well for a lot of guys and should be the third suit in your wardrobe.  Wear it any time you want to mark a special occasion, whether that’s an anniversary dinner or to celebrate the cable guy’s arrival after a 48 hour wait time.  Add a pop of color for a less formal look.  Color always says, “I’m here to party,” and not, “I’m here on behalf of my client.”  (Don’t know your best colors?  www.Cladwell.com can help!)

4. Tan Suit - Honeymooner

Tan is the perfect day-time counterpart to night-time black.  It conveys levity and cool confidence with an overall casual vibe.  If the situation calls for a tie, stay away from more formal shiny silk ties and consider a linen or knit tie.  The tan suit is also a great candidate for the suit without a tie look.  Try a bright white dress shirt and leave the collar open when you’re kicking back and listening to those island riddims.

5. All You - Expressionist

If you’ve only got five suits, why not make the last one something that you really love, something that really represents who are you? If you’re a formal guy, consider looking for an additional black suit with a pin dot pattern to add visual interest.  For a trendier look, plaid can be worn all year in the right fabric. And if you’re more interested in a throwback look, try getting that navy suit double breasted.