Why We Want To (beat) Fast Fashion?

I always pictured that clothes were made in some factory where there were big piles of garments, and it goes through a machine and out it spits the t-shirts in every different size. That's not actually true. And it was new information to me. What's embarrassing about that, is that I've actually been running a fashion company for two and a half years without knowing where the clothes that I was selling were coming from. Once we actually asked that question... a lot of things started to change. 

What we found is that fast fashion is a shift that's happened really over the past 10 years or so, in the fashion industry. This has completely changed the way we as consumers relate to clothes and the way that companies sell clothes. It's all about high quantity and low quality clothing, almost like disposable clothing.

This is horrible for two main reasons:

1. It's horrible for humans on other side of the earth, because if you're buying t-shirts for $3 or $4 that are disposable. There's not a lot of margin in that to pay workers. So it's forced the entire industry to go more toward third world countries and towards unsafe work environments for those people.

2. It's absolutely horrible for the environment. There was a report that recently came out that said the fashion industry is the number two most polluting industry on earth next to the oil industry. 

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