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#TakeTheTime Outfits Challenge


Cladwell is launching a new daily outfit app for iOS called Outfits. Every morning, Outfits for iOS will send you outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item.

If we were given extra time in our day, even 15 minutes, would we use it wisely?

As we get ready to release Outfits for iOS, this is the question we're asking ourselves, each other, and you. How can we wisely use the time we're given? How can we live in each moment? How can we balance the many pieces of our lives well?


Join the #TakeTheTime Outfits Challenge.

  1. Let our app dress you for a week (or just a few days) and we’ll give you 15 minutes back each morning.

  2. Document your outfits then tell us what you were able to do with the extra time you would have spent staring into your closet. Show us how you #TakeTheTime on your blog and tag us on Instagram. Is it exercise? A longer shower? Sleeping in? Yoga? Half an episode of Friends?

Examples of two different blog posts for the challenge:

"How I'm letting an app dress me - and loving it (and how you can too!)"

"How I'm letting Outfits by Cladwell dress me - and loving it: Day 2"

We believe that on our death bed--if we are lucky enough to get there--we will not wish that we did things faster. We want to give people time back so they can carpe the hell out their diems and #TakeTheTime for what really matters. So that’s our challenge to you.

You can check out the #TakeTheTime movement here or learn more about Outfits by Cladwell.


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This is how we're currently talking about our own app, Outfits for iOS. Of course, we want you to put your experience in your own words, but if you want some of ours, here they are.


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