How To Add Your Clothes Into The App

Now that you have Cladwell, it's time to add this season's closet into the app. 

First, don't worry about matching your items perfectly. You only need to find images that look similar to what you own in real life.

The real trick is to use the filters when searching for your items. The more of your items you add, the better insight you'll get into what you love, and what you can get rid of.

Easily Find Your Items By Color & Detail 


Ask Yourself A Few Questions As You Add Items

Is it a similar style?


It's a similar style, but the jeans are slightly lighter. That's okay!

Does it have a similar shape?


It's a similar color and shape, but different pattern. No worries, it's styled the same way!

Is it a similar color?


It's a similar color, but the belt & sleeves are a little different. It's styled the same way even with different details such as pockets or sleeves.

With a growing database of 7,000 items, there should be plenty of similar items to choose from. If you can't find a similar item, just shoot us an image and description on this page and our styling team will review.

We’re always curating more items, so it's super helpful if you let us know what you couldn't find.

How To Wear 1 Item, Multiple Ways

Creating an interchangeable wardrobe can be hard, but now it's a whole lot easier with an app. Cladwell can help you learn how to wear each item, multiple ways. Just tap on each individual piece in your closet and click "Show Outfits". You'll see how 1 item can be worn multiple ways.

Or, you can view every single outfit possibility in your closet by tapping on "Outfit Possibilities" in the upper right-hand corner. Over time, the goal is to help you build a closet that you can easily mix and match. 

Take a look at how Christina used the app to mix and match her white button up.

How To Shop

How To Shop

Picture yourself walking into a store. You see a cute t-shirt dress. And it's on sale. Move to fitting rooms. The dress is a little bit short and it's not your favorite color in the world, but how can you pass on this sale? So, you buy it and the dress sits in your closet. And every time you reach into your closet to get dressed, you steer clear of that little sale dress that just doesn't feel quite right.