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Welcome To Your Capsule Wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe? Like the name suggests, a capsule is a minimal, interchangeable wardrobe, using only the clothes you love to wear.

But what exactly does that mean? It just means that you love and wear 100% of the clothing in your closet - and that might be only 30 items or it might well be more than that.

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Start Your Closet Cleanout

So what’s a closet cleanout? It’s an honest look at your closet - determining what you love and wear and what you don’t. It’s giving or packing away the clothing you don’t wear or that’s not right for the current season.

But, how does Cladwell help?

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Discover Your Best Colors

Whether you know it or not, everyone has a color palette. It's often revealed during your closet cleanout. More often than not your recommended color palette is made up of the colors you are already drawn to and helps explain why you're always donating the same colored clothing.

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The Capsule For Your Lifestyle

The biggest misconception about capsule wardrobes is that you have to fit your life into a certain mold: white, black, neutrals. But your capsule doesn't have to play by any special style rules or look like anybody else - it should look entirely like you & begin with your lifestyle.

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How To Shop

Picture yourself walking into a store. You see a cute t-shirt dress. And it's on sale. Move to fitting rooms. The dress is a little bit short and it's not your favorite color in the world, but how can you pass on this sale? So, you buy it and the dress sits in your closet. And every time you reach into your closet to get dressed, you steer clear of that little sale dress that just doesn't feel quite right.

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Where To Shop

If you want to find the balance between sustainable, ethical, affordable, and quality, here's our best attempt at keeping a list up-to-date with our go-to places. Only you can decide how you want to spend your money, and while we will always encourage the most ethical and sustainable clothing, we also understand that lifestyle is not always practical.

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Donate Your Clothes

Taxes and fashion. These are two terms you don’t often see used in the same sentence. It’s probably best that way. Lately, when I hear people discuss whether or not they would create a capsule wardrobe I get a lot of this:

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