Start Your Closet Cleanout

How does Cladwell help you cleanout your closet?

Let's start with explaining the concept of a closet cleanout. It’s an honest look at your closet - determining what you love and wear and what you don’t. It’s giving or packing away the clothing you don’t wear or that’s not right for the current season. Use the app to:

  • Log the outfit you're wearing every day.

  • Over the next 30 - 60 days, check your closet to see what percentage of your total closet you’re wearing.

  • Check your outfit history in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen to see what items you love.
  • Then, go to your closet page of the app and view which items you never wore.
  • Move the unworn items to the donation box or store them away (move them to Storage in the app as well!). 

This is the most natural “closet cleanout” in all the land.

Or, start your closet cleanout today.

Yes, it's a little daunting for those of us who don’t like change. But remember the end goal: loving and wearing 100% of the clothing that’s hanging neatly in your closet. You can do this slowly by using the app or you can dive head first into simplicity bliss with a full on closet cleanout.


1. Remove everything from your closet

Be sure you have all your clothing present (check those dirty laundry bins and storage containers!).

2. Make two piles

  1. Things you wear all the time.
  2. Everything else.

You don’t have to give away everything that you don’t wear all the time. Promise. No one's forcing you to. So, just do your best to separate the items honestly, because this will help you see what you really really love and wear.

3. Write down themes from both piles

Write down the characteristics of each pile. Is one all dresses? Bright colors? Comfortable items? Dressier items? Do you hate when your shirt is short? What seems like minor details make a huge difference in helping you determine your "personal style" and how to shop in the future.

4. Move the “everything else” pile into storage

This is the slow cleanout. If you think about an item you put away in storage, take it out. Wear it. Excellent. If you don’t, then maybe it’s time to give it away. You can also create a third pile of things you know you’ll never ever pull out again; these are great items to put directly in the donation pile. 

5. Put the rest back into your closet

Buy some nice wooden hangers. Treat yourself to a little closet organization, and make it so you can see the majority of your items. Try a standing clothing rack for that Pinterest feeling.