The Capsule For Your Lifestyle

How Cladwell helps you create multiple capsules for your lifestyle?

  • Use the app to create a new mini capsule for your most frequent activities.
  • Name it: "Work" or "At Home" or whatever your heart desires.
  • Add only the clothes you wear for that activity.
  • We'll recommend daily outfits using only the clothes you added.
  • You can change the settings to receive only outfit suggestions from a certain capsule: i.e. set it for "Work" or "Weekend Wear."

The biggest misconception about capsule wardrobes is that you have to fit your life into a certain mold: white, black, neutrals. But your capsule doesn't have to play by any special style rules or look like anybody else - it should look entirely like you & begin with your lifestyle.

The only "limit" that a capsule wardrobe puts on you - is the limit of only buying things you actually love and wear. Think of it this way, we have so many clothes and nothing to wear. Why? Because we don't buy clothing for our lives; we simply are moved by sales. We own clothing that A) we don't like & B) we can't wear anywhere.

A capsule encourages you to buy only clothing you love and that fits within your actual, everyday lifestyle. So, figuring out what to buy for your capsule begins with thinking honestly about what your life actually looks like. For example, if you work a casual job and lounge on the weekends, continuing to buy copious amounts of Anthropologie dresses won’t really help you own items you can wear. Your capsule should be focused around your most frequent activity. Is it a business casual job? A work-from-home role? This is where you should start.

Think about what you do most with your week:

  • Active / Working Out
  • At Home
  • Date Night
  • Party
  • Social
  • Weekend
  • Work

Thinking about this list, in what kind of clothes do you spend the majority of your week? In active wear? Work clothes? Home-wear? If you work in a business casual professional role, then you need to begin building in that area. If you work at home, then build that casual capsule.

Your capsule should begin where you spend your time. Be honest. If you're in a transitional season (of switching jobs or in the middle of a pregnancy), simply pack what you're not wearing away, pause buying clothing for that season, and then resume when life changes. Because if you're everyday life changes, so does your capsules. And that's A-okay.

Ask yourself some honest questions about your style.

Think about when you feel the best. Are you in a dress? Are you in high-waisted jeans? Are you dressed up? Or more casual? Shape your capsule around the answers to these questions. If you’re a t-shirt dress wearer (and you can wear them to your more frequent activities), then go ahead and buy more of these - in different colors and that’s great. If you never wear/dislike wearing dresses, don’t sweat it and don't buy them.

See the capsule outline articles for more specific items for each kind of capsule - whether it's for the working woman or stay-at-home parent. Also, see the brand articles for where to build your capsule.

But above all, remember: capsules only work if they take the shape of YOU, not the other way around. Because the only way you'll love and wear 100% of the clothing in your closet is if it reflects what you do every day and what you love to wear.

A Capsule Wardrobe Doesn't have to Encapsulate All Your Clothing.

Another misconception about capsules is that they have to encapsulate (pardon the pun) your whole wardrobe. It should focus on what you wear every day. Don't begin by "capsuling" your athletic clothes, formal dresses, or paint clothes. Just remember, your capsule should focus on your most frequent activity.