Items in this section apply only to Capsules for Women


1. Getting Started With Capsules

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With a Cladwell Capsules account you can make capsules (small seasonal wardrobes) that are generated from info like your personal style, your ideal color palette, and the types of clothes you wear for your weekly activities. You can create and document your outfits and see other user's outfits for inspiration. You also have access to our catalog of favorite brands and a Shop Feature that guides you to brand websites with the clothing items you're shopping for.

There is also TONS of content about the closet clean-out, selling/giving/shopping, and our philosophy in the Guidebook, which you have full access to.

For more info, check out how creating a capsule wardrobe can save you money AND allow you to buy quality clothes.


2. Colors

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Should I pick the colors that look best on me or the colors I just like to wear?

  • The best palettes will include a mix of colors that complement you, especially for your neutrals and mains, and include colors you simply love (accents is a great place for these). If you just can’t decide, choose the colors that make you feel most like you.

I don’t know which colors look best on me.

What if I don’t like the colors chosen for me by the color palette quiz?

  • Even if you don't like them, they're the colors that most likely complement your hair, eyes, and skin. Still, feel free to choose the colors that make you feel most like you.

How do I edit my color palette?

  • You can change your colors at any time by selecting a Capsule from your Wardrobe page, then Edit Details at the top right, then Capsule Palettes.


3. Styles and Activities

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How do I edit my style or activities?

  • You can change your style or activities at any time by selecting a Capsule from your Wardrobe page, then Edit Details at the top right, then Style & Activities. Heads up - if you change your activities and the items you’ve selected for those activities, the items recommended for your capsule will change.

What happens when I choose a style for my capsule?

  • When you choose a style for your capsule, we suggest specific signature items that you might want to add to your activities in order to help you build looks with that style in mind. You can always add or delete items on your capsule page.

What are signature items?

  • Signature items help you build a look consistent with a style you like. For example, if you select Eclectic Grunge, we suggest a denim jacket. If you decide to include that signature item for an activity in your capsule, you’ll see that item on your capsule page. Select all of the signature items and you’ll have enough to create several outfits perfectly in line with your style.

How many activities can I add?

  • As many as you need! Add as many activities as you need in order to address all of the things you do that require different clothes.


4. Managing Your Capsules

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I built my capsule. Now what?

  • After entering your color palette, style, and activities, you’ll see what we suggest for your capsule. Next, clean out your closet and check off what you already own, adding any details that are important to you. After that, it’s time to shop for items you still need and start creating and exploring outfits. The Guidebook is a great place to dive a little deeper, but don’t forget the big picture.

How do I delete a capsule?

  • When looking at the capsule you’d like to delete, select Edit Details at the top right, then Delete This Capsule.

How many capsules should I have?

  • The best rule is one capsule per season with as much overlap of items across seasons as possible. So, if you live in a place that gets hot and cold, wet and dry, and everything in between, you’ll probably want 4 capsules, maybe more. But if you live in a place that really just has two seasons, like hot and not as hot, you probably only need 2. You can also consider creating micro capsules for special occasions, like a vacation, or for a special activity, like horseback riding.

What about accessories?

  • Check out our blog post about that here

How do I create a capsule?

  • It’s easy to get started! Just select Build New Capsule. Then give it a name, enter a time frame you’d like that capsule to address, and select a cover photo to help you identify this particular capsule from others you might create in the future. After that, select Build My Capsule to continue the process. You’ll then walk through a series of steps you can read more about in our Guidebook under Getting Started.


5. Closet Cleanout

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I'm having a hard time letting go. Help?!

  • Almost everyone has this experience. Just remember, you're not throwing anything away during your first sorting of Pile 1 and Pile 2. The first round is a simple, binary yes or no decision. Don't make it too hard on yourself by trying to figure out what to do with everything right away.

What do I do with Pile 2 when I'm done?

  • You can sort this pile into smaller piles that might include a giveaway pile, a sentimental pile you want to keep in storage, and maybe an out of season pile that's for storage, too. All of this stuff in Pile 2 is the stuff that you don't need right at hand; it's not stuff you need to see in your closet every day. So DON'T PUT IT BACK IN YOUR CLOSET. DON'T YOU DO IT. (sorry for yelling)

6. Shopping

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I have a shopping list, but I can’t afford to buy everything right now. What should I do?

  • Prioritize your list for items that will get the most wear. So, if your capsule suggests 4 pairs of jeans and you only have 1, consider buying jeans first. When you’re ready to buy, check out the brands we recommend in the Shopping section of the Guidebook or in the Shopping tab of your capsule.

Where should I shop?

  • Check out the Shop tab of your capsule or the Shopping section of the Guidebook.