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Meet Charleston

Lies The Fashion Industry Will Tell My Daughter.

This is our CEO's daughter, Charleston Jane. When it comes to clothing, Charleston is free. She loves her dresses, leopard prints, and hats - not because a magazine told her to, but because she just likes them. She never worries about money, her body, or being trendy. She loves what she wears, and wears what she loves. It’s simple.

This is not just Charleston’s story. This is where all of us start with clothing: totally free. Our clothing starts as a visual representation of who we are - our preferences and our creativity.

But if her story is anything like it is for most women, this freedom will not last. Over time, she'll start to listen to magazines, marketers, and society. She'll start to hear the lie we’ve been sold by the fashion industry.

The lie that we are not okay with what we have, that we should look more like "her" and that we need more stuff to become whole.

These lies don't help us, but they were created for us...  to get us to buy more.

But what if we could break free from the cycle?

Blake Smith, CEO, shares his personal quest not only for himself but for his daughter Charleston.


At Cladwell, We Do things a little differently.

Why? Because there are already millions of people trying to sell you clothes, creating clutter in your life. You do not have to keep feeling the way you feel about your closet, but you need a strategy.




You can have your own style, whatever that style is.

You can buy a small number of quality pieces.

Your clothes can be 100% sustainable and slave free.



You Are Unique.  

If this entire industry can spiral out of control with one simple lie, “You are not okay,” then we want to drive home the opposite of this lie. We want to ennoble you. In a sense, it is returning to your inner 3-year old self. It's creating your own narrative, one that reminds you that "you are okay," and developing your own taste so that when "the lie" pops up you are fully equipped to combat it.  


We exist to Serve you.  

When the only voice we hear is the one coming from the industry, the industry's voice is the only one we know to be true. We would rather stick a megaphone to the core of who a person is, figuring out what you love and help you wear only that. By serving you, we aim to create a clothing industry that's good for people.