“I used to think the point of capsule wardrobes was to save money, but... a capsule wardrobe should allow you to spend less time thinking about clothes and free up that energy towards more important things.”
-Audrey Tom

How Cladwell Works

Cladwell App Step 1.png

1. Tell us about your closet.

Tap on the items that are similar to the ones you own from our massive database. No need to take photos.

2. Create your capsules.

Organize your closet by activity, lifestyle, season, event... See only the outfits possible within the active capsule, or your entire closet.

3. See every outfit possibility.

Automatically get three expertly styled outfits appropriate for the weather. Or, choose from all the outfit possibilities in your closet.

4. Discover what you love.

Log the outfit you wear, and with each passing day, you get more insight into what you love and what you don’t.

5. Remove the rest.

Once you discover what you don’t wear, you can easily cut the clutter in your closet so you can make room for items you really love.

6. Stop shopping.

Add only the items that give you the most outfit possibilities. Trade impulse buys for items you love and will wear again and again.