Update 1.0.5

April showers bring a cleaner app with fewer bugs and faster loading. May flowers bloom around you always.

TL;DR: Faster algorithm = more diverse outfits. Weren't getting notifications before? Bli-bleem! (that's the sound of a notification) You are a valuable person. We built this app for you.

• Multi-threaded outfit possibility processing! What the heck does that mean?! Our algorithm is much faster because it's looking at more than one thing at a time. Before, a 75 item closet would take 6 minutes to process. Now, that same closet takes a mere 90 seconds. Moral of this story: Pursue minimalism. Your app will run faster!
• Fixed limited outfit recommendations. Previously, you might have never gotten outfits for certain items, especially if you had a lot of items. Sometimes you may have gotten repetitive outfits. We want you to wear all your shirts, @Lindsayk86 and @Grayd02, not just that white one. This should help. Also, it’s probably time to wash that white shirt.
• There were some fairly confusing and nerdy error messages that would pop-up if you tried to get into the app without purchasing a subscription. Those are less nerdy. You still have to purchase a subscription.

*** FIXED ***
• There were some app animations that broke with iOS 10.3 so we un-broke them.
• We also solved an issue that prevented a small handful of users from getting push notifications when they wanted them. We hope you didn’t forget to get dressed in the morning until now. It might not be too late to get your job back.
• Minor design and interface inconsistencies were fixed. We apologize to anyone who noticed that the size of the heart was obnoxiously large. Nothing a little design heart surgery can't fix.

We are so grateful you’ve decided to use Outfits by Cladwell. We want to make your life simpler and free you up to do the things that are most important in your life. It’s a great day. Wear it well.

Do you have a suggestion for the Cladwell team? We love to hear your feedback! Please visit cladwell.com/feedback and let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you would love to see in future versions of Outfits.

Are you having trouble? WE REALLY WANT TO HELP! (sorry for shouting, we're just really excited about being helpful... it's kind of our thing) Visit cladwell.com/hello for FAQ, contact options, feedback, and other things. - we're ready.

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Update 1.0.4

TL;DR: Shoes+Weather=Good; far fewer repeat outfits; deja vu; skipping initial closet setup won't be dumb anymore; Beyoncé lyrics; deja vu; new push notifications.

What's new in version 1.0.4 (Snow Leopard Print):

• Small bug fixes and improvements. If you see something, say something: cladwell.com/feedback

• We fixed a bug where shoe recommendations were not paying attention to the weather. Our deepest apologies to the very small number of users who followed the app so closely that they got frostbite on their toes. We appreciate the loyalty, and we're sad that your ballet career is now over.

• We fixed a bug where if you logged an item, it could get recommended again the next day. And the next day after that. It makes laundry harder, and it was like Deja Vu. (Looking at you Lindsayk86 and Momval)

• We fixed a bug where if a user skipped our initial closet set-up process and added items another way, we’d just constantly tell that user to add items through onboarding and that they had no outfits. It wasn't true, and it was annoying, and we’re sorry. If you choose to take the road less traveled by, we’ll now dress you for it.

•There are now approximately 220% more daily notifications added to the mix. 10% of those include some kind of reference to Beyoncé lyrics. This is a metric we hope to increase with future versions.

• We fixed a bug where if you logged an item, it could get recommended again the next day. And the next day after that. It makes laundry harder, and it was like Deja Vu. (Looking at you Lindsayk86 and Momval)

• Woah, it feels like we just said that. Hmmmm.

Please keep the feedback coming. While we're now able to respond to reviews in the AppStore, the best way to get your feedback noticed by our development team is by visiting cladwell.com/feedback

If you experience a bug or a crash that keeps you from using the app, WE WANT TO FIX THAT! Please immediately and without passing Go, visit cladwell.com/support

You're a fantastic and valuable person. We hope you're well and enjoying your day.

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Update 1.0.3

***Crash fixes, ya'll!***
This part is important: If you STILL experience app crashes after updating, please delete the app, and then reinstall this version. Ugh. We know that's frustrating, and we're sad about it.

  • If you filter for an item that doesn't currently exist in the database, the app won't crash. Instead, we will kindly tell you that we don't have it. Yet. Our temper is now better under control.
  • If you launch the app and it doesn't see weather data (or permission) it won't crash on you. Now, we'll be a lot nicer about what may or may not be happening outside.
  • If the app opened and then abruptly crashed, that won't happen anymore. Now, we let you use the app. Because that's why we made the app. (This happened to a small number of users who created their closets during a portion of our launch day where demand was ludicrous (Luda!) and service was interrupted.)

Hey, if you like the app (or you don't like the app) leave us a review. But golly folks, if you're having app trouble, it's a good idea to check out our support page first because we can quickly help you fix things. Plus, it's just a nicer thing to do.

Have a great day today! Thanks for being one of the first humans to use Outfits by Cladwell!

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Update 1.0.2

Minor bug fixes and feature improvements.

We fixed a bug that chopped off the bottom portion of pants sometimes. We affectionately called this phenomenon, "Weird Capris." Thankfully what happens in the app doesn't happen in real life, so no pants were ruined during the existence of this bug.

We also changed the layout of the Item Details page.

Oh, and we fixed a bug where users wouldn't get outfits when opening the app after getting a notification, which pretty much defeats the purpose of 1) getting notifications and 2) the app. So, that's fixed.

Today is launch day, so we're all hopped up on donuts, coffee, and sour watermelon gummies while sending emails about local news segments and the possibility that we might be on Product Hunt. (we are)

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Outfits 1.0

Outfits by Cladwell solves the problem of "too many clothes, and nothing to wear." Get daily outfit recommendations, track your outfits, discover the *right* clothes, and buy less stuff, all without taking a single photo.

Start by tapping on items that are similar to what you already own. Ta-da! Just like that, you're ready to go. Put that big green background away. We don't make you take pictures of your clothes.

OUTFITS can show you WHAT TO WEAR.
Every day, Outfits will send you outfit ideas based on what you currently own, what the weather is like, and how often you wear an item. Swipe through the options, and log it for the day.

OUTFITS can show you WHAT TO KEEP.
Outfits track the items you wear the most, so you can treasure what you love, and get rid of what you don't. Feel great about cutting the clutter while looking great.

OUTFITS can show you WHAT TO ADD.
Don't go shopping without a plan. Before you visit your favorite stores, Outfits shows you which types of items match best with the clothes you already own. Cladwell doesn't sell clothes. We help you buy better stuff, and less of it.

That's half the price of the crappy hoodie you only wore once and then ruined with a $5 latte.

Outfits by Cladwell not only helps you get dressed every day, but it also helps you buy fewer things you don't need, and love the things you have. That can save you a lot of time, money, and stress. And it might even save the world.


Hi! This app is brand spankin' new. Thanks for being one of the first humans to use it ever in the world, ever! We can't wait to hear what you think, and we're excited to learn how you use it.

Please note: we currently do not support the same closet on multiple devices. We hope to roll this out soon.

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